ALVARA 2023: What a year!

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Blink once and the year is already drawing to a close. Do you feel the same way? Days, weeks and months fly by – especially when you have a lot to do and you look forward to the challenges ahead every day. That’s what happened to us again this year. We celebrated successes, worked together on new projects and experienced many highlights as a team. A year that we look back on with pleasure.

Our latest products

We have been working diligently. In 2023, we continued to implement new products with a lot of vigour and promising ideas. We don’t want to list all the enhancements, optimisations and changes here, but we think there’s a good place for our top 5 innovations.

ICC App: One of our ALVARA centrepieces is Interactive Cash Control, or ICC for short. There was a lot to report here this year. Since the summer, we have also been offering our ICC app for iOS operating systems as a supplement or alternative to the web-based platform solution. It not only provides customers with a tool for efficient cash management. More sustainability has also been considered, as our press release “ALVARA | Digital Solutions: Retail and CIT save up to 37.5 km of thermal paper per month with digital receipts” shows. In addition, the ICC solution is about to reach the age of maturity – this year we celebrated 17 years of ICC.

Fakturio with xRechnung: The software for automatic invoicing – that describes our Fakturio solution in a nutshell. What was new this year: Thanks to the module extension, users can create and send e-invoices securely and easily in the standard XRechnung format, as is typical for ALVARA. This completely eliminates manual effort.

Pecunia: Another central ALVARA solution is our Pecunia Cash Centre software. It is therefore only understandable that we are always keen to offer users even more. Two of our annual highlights can be attributed to this solution. On the one hand, we have connected additional providers for route optimisation, such as Soloplan, Plantour, PTV and Ortec. On the other hand, we have expanded Pecunia to include the Financial Information Technology format called “CashLight per cassette”. In contrast to the older “CashLight Standard” format, this allows the denomination to be distributed across several cassettes.

webPecunia: For many years, our cash centre software Pecunia has offered banks and savings banks as well as cash-in-transit companies a reliable solution for efficient cash processing. However, the needs and expectations of the market are changing. This is one reason why we continue to develop the long-cherished idea of making our cash centre software available as a central solution via the web browser. We are currently planning the first rollout in a medium-sized cash centre with one location. We are looking forward to the feedback from users on the completely revised and tidy, intuitive user interface.

Self Service Kiosk Manager: Together with ALVARA France, we launched the Self Service Kiosk Manager last year. It provides greater convenience for customers at the point of sale – from mobile payment, printers and QR scanners to faster and more convenient order processing. For retailers, the automated processes via kiosk primarily result in time savings and lower costs. The digital ordering process and the data generated in the process also allow analyses to be carried out in order to identify customer interests and plan targeted marketing activities.

Our customer successes

Every satisfied customer is a success for us – regardless of company size, project duration and project scope. We have already picked out a few customer stories over the year and written them down in our regular blog posts: Here you can read how


Somewhat more abstract, but no less interesting, is our blog post on the ICC app: 3 players, 1 solution. With this app, we provide an application that supports retailers, financial institutions and cash-in-transit companies in managing their cash digitally, securely and transparently. Of course, we also scrutinised the perennial topic of artificial intelligence for our customers. You can read about how ICC can act as an interface between AI and cash management here.

Our team highlights

Without our motivated team, however, we would only be half as strong and product innovations and customer successes would not have been possible to the same extent. That’s why 2023 was also characterised by team retention measures. What does that look like for us? In addition to working together as a family, we focus on two things: sport and fun. In spring, we brought these two aspects together in the form of a company run. In summer, we swapped our running shoes for paddles and set off on the “rough” seas. We swung into rafting boats and conquered the wild waters in teams – which is like exciting project phases.

Things were a little quieter at our winter party. In keeping with the festive time of year, we slowed down a little and dedicated one evening entirely to ourselves. With these pleasant conversations, joyful reviews and rosy prospects for the new year, we are already looking forward to the stories that 2024 has in store for us. With this in mind, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Do you want to realise ideas and solutions together with us next year? We are ready for – almost anything!

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