Fakturio: ALVARA | Digital Solutions Facilitates Standard E-Billing Format XRechnung


Leipzig, 03.06.2023. In Fakturio, ALVARA | Digital Solutions has long provided retail, financial institutions and cash-in-transit companies with a solution to make automated billing easier. What’s so special about this software? It gives stakeholders a clear overview of all services rendered. This software provider has also set its sights on e-billing to make sure its customers can carry on thriving. The result? Fakturio users can use this new module to simply and securely create and send electronic invoices in the standard XRechnung format.

As of November 2020, federal authorities exclusively accept electronic invoices when dealing with contractors. But this billing process requires contractors to fulfil various e-billing guidelines. So, for instance, simply turning an analog document into a PDF file does not an electronic bill make. The key difference? The chosen format must allow for automated processing. The XRechnung standard format fulfils this requirement as well as all of the requirements for paper bills that still apply.

“If you want to qualify as a contractor for the federal authorities, or even some state authorities, it has become essential to be able to submit electronic bills in structured formats such as XRechnung,” says Robert Wolf, CEO of ALVARA | Digital Solutions. Aside from this competitive advantage, there are many more benefits that electronic billing brings to day-to-day business. Digitization and automation mean no more laborious physical processes involving paper bills. This saves time, and money - on both sides. Then you have the fact that both billers and receivers are rewarded with more transparency surrounding the processing of invoices. One positive side effect is that e-invoices are more eco-friendly than their paper predecessors.

“Efficiency, transparency, sustainability and a stronger position on the market: the benefits of e-billing are clear to see. To make the transition to this electronic format go quickly, we’ve added a new module to Fakturio, our software solution for automated billing. This can be used to easily submit bills using the XRechnung standard format. This automated solution completely does away with manual workload, freeing up resources,” summarizes Robert Wolf.

The solution in detail: Fakturio collects all billing-relevant entries and individual conditions for each client in the software program, and offers support in all accounting for services rendered. Paired with the Pecunia Cash Center solution by ALVARA | Digital Solutions, companies benefit from maximum added value. All master data and services rendered saved in Pecunia are transferred to Fakturio - with no data loss and no inconsistencies. The addition of the Fakturio e-billing module means that the whole process is digital and fully automated.

Looking into the near future, this kind of software solution may not just be an option but an unavoidable necessity. The federal government is already in talks with the European Union concerning the further roll-out of e-billing as a requirement. It is conceivable that paper billing will have to give way to electronic formats entirely in the foreseeable future, and e-bills will promote more efficient processes in the B2B sector too.

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