DWSI SICHERHEIT relies on Logistic App for efficient cash logistics processes

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Efficient cash logistics: For many retailers and financial institutions, these terms are still incompatible today. The reason: numerous processes related to counting, sorting and depositing cash are largely manual – and demand financial and human resources. DWSI Geld- und Wert-Logistik GmbH & Co has now impressively demonstrated that cash-in-transit companies can make their cooperation with retailers as well as banks and savings banks more sustainable and time-saving by using digital solutions.

Roll-out: Rapid introduction of the Logistic App

Individual security concepts, service orientation and efficient value logistics – this is what the private Saxon security company stands for, which has been offering services for SMEs as well as large companies for over 30 years. Its comprehensive security service also includes the transport of cash. In order to guarantee the promise of sustainable cooperation with the relevant cash players, DWSI Geld- und Wert-Logistik GmbH & Co has been relying on a digital everyday helper from ALVARA | Digital Solutions since the first quarter of 2023.

The value service provider, which is one of the market leaders in Saxony, decided to use the Logistic App and made it available to its 300 or so employees during the successful roll-out at the Dresden location. “Which quickly met with acceptance. Because the application can be used intuitively. At the same time, we introduced an Android scanner solution that has proven itself on the market and works optimally with the app,” explains DWSI Managing Director Ingo Hartmann.Process optimisation – with noticeable added value

What has changed in concrete terms? Today, the mobile application allows for the digital legitimisation of cash messengers. Paper lists that are supposed to confirm the legitimacy of a cash messenger to traders or branch employees are a thing of the past at DWSI – which is also to be welcomed for reasons of data protection. The optimised process is that a QR code on the scanner of the DWSI money messenger can be quickly checked via the smartphone of the chain store or retailer. Without a long search, employees are shown whether the messenger is authorised to pick up the money. In this way, the company achieves more security during the handover and saves noticeable time.

DWSI has also paved the way for a paperless future in cash disposal and supply. For a retail customer, the drivers used to print out the receipt in duplicate, both sides sign on it and then store it. The last aspect, archiving, is now done digitally. This means that those responsible do not have to search for paper receipts for a long time, but can successfully search for them in a matter of seconds. If the requirement to print paper receipts twice is dropped in the future, the preceding processes around printing and signing on paper can also be easily digitalised.

In the future, thanks to the Logistic App, the creation of the one-time codes needed to open cash recyclers or ATMs can be done via the app. This way, DWSI cash messengers can retrieve the digital keys directly on site.

Money transfer – secure, efficient, transparent

But the Logistic App from ALVARA | Digital Solutions does not only bring advantages for cash-in-transit companies, financial institutions and retailers at individual points. The connection to Interactive Cash Control (ICC) makes it possible to transfer all cash process data immediately to the online platform or the ICC app, save it here and make it available for further use. Until now, this could only be implemented at the end of a tour. “In this way, the entire cash process can be tracked for us – from collection to receipt at the cash centre. This adds even more transparency to the even more secure and efficient cash logistics. Everyone involved benefits from this,” says Ingo Hartmann.

Do you want to save your drivers and your customers valuable time? Then let us optimise the cash logistics processes in your WTU together!