Digital Cash Logistics: ZIEMANN GRUPPE Turns to ALVARA | Digital Solutions for Paperless Client Collaborations


Leipzig, 02.13.2023. More and more commercial enterprises are pursuing the goal of digitizing their branches, making a computer-free, paperless back office reality. One important consideration is digital collaboration and interfaces with cash-in-transit companies. ZIEMANN SICHERHEIT Holding GmbH has long been aware of this necessity, and has been relying on the Pecunia software solution by ALVARA | Digital Solutions for their cash center needs for many years now. The ALVARA ICC Connector is new on the scene. With palpable results: already, customers are benefiting from more efficiency, flexibility and, above all, security when managing their internal cash logistics.

Cash will continue to be an essential mainstay for commerce in the future. That’s why future-proof strategy and infrastructure are essential for cash management. Branches with paperless back offices that can be run on smartphones as part of a “mobile first” approach also need digital receipts. Retailers can expect this too with their transition to fully digital processes together with the ZIEMANN GRUPPE.

The ZIEMANN GRUPPE is paving the way towards a smart, secure solution for retail by introducing the ICC Connector as part of the Pecunia solution by ALVARA | Digital Solutions. This supports cash-in-transit companies in all things cash and valuables handling, and clearly keeps digital track of additional processes such as transfers of liability. With the ICC Connector functioning as an interface to the software provider’s ALVARA Interactive Cash Control platform, order and master data can also be exchanged between both applications. The ICC app also lets users benefit from all advantages using mobile devices.

“Many retailers are focusing more and more on a mobile-first approach. That’s what the ICC app was made for. The app provides both sides – retail and cash-in-transit – with all in-branch cash processes from money orders and deliveries to receipts to courier verification,” says Heinz Spiegelmacher, CEO of ZIEMANN SICHERHEIT Holding GmbH. “In practice, this results in a considerable added value for process stakeholders. For each service, the branch clerk simply scans the QR code on the mobile end device in the possession of our ZIEMANN employee. The ICC app then displays all the information relating to the cash transaction just in time. Including whether this cash courier is verified. This creates additional security for our customers on their sales floors. Furthermore, printed receipts have given way to a digital signature directly on the scanner unit – obviously an important contribution to sustainability and the conservation of environmental resources.

The digital software solution and associated paperless processes come with benefits on various levels: digital processes make a positive contribution towards more sustainable business. Retail staff and ZIEMANN GRUPPE employees can work more efficiently throughout the cash transfer process thanks to rapid processing. No more paper lists means more security and a more streamlined process workflow.

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