Efficient, compliant and eco-friendly POS – with e-receipts!


One topic has become more and more prevalent over recent years: sustainability. But German lawmakers don’t make things easy for retailers. From January 1st 2020, checkouts have to produce receipts – whether the customer wants one or not. Many businesses use classic paper receipts. ITR checkout software provides an alternative: digital receipts let retailers create an eco-friendly point of sale (POS) – so they can boost sustainability while still complying with the law.

Paper till receipts – a relic of times gone by

A printed paper receipt just doesn’t live up to current expectations in terms of sustainability. Not only is receipt paper toxic, retailers must also dispose of huge amounts of paper receipts. What’s more, customers don’t always want an automatically printed receipt – especially for small purchases. The logical consequence? The receipt ends up in the nearest trash can.

It seems at first glance that retailers don’t have much of a choice. According to the law, even the smallest transactions require a receipt as of January 1st 2020. Even the Federal Environment Agency has dubbed the receipt law problematic. So, one thing’s for sure: we need a smart alternative.

The alternative has arrived: the e-receipt

According to law, retailers are not obligated to provide this receipt in physical form. This means that a digital solution is enough for retailers to fulfil their legal receipt requirements. Here’s where ALVARA | Digital Solutions comes in with its electronic receipt (e-receipt).

The only requirement is an active internet connection at the checkout desk. Then there’ll be nothing to stand in the way of a checkout software solution. The e-receipt is seamlessly integrated into the ALVARA | Digital Solutions POS solution.

The payment process will hardly change at all. The checkout clerk scans the items as usual. At the end, the total price is shown and the customer pays. As soon as the payment is complete, the customer display shows a QR code. This can simply be scanned on a smartphone and the digital receipt will appear on the display.

The digital receipt has it all. This contemporary till receipt can even incorporate a business logo or tax information. Data protection has also been taken into consideration: the e-receipt doesn’t contain any personal data and is deleted from the checkout system after 30 days.

Benefits for retailers – and the environment

Retailers and customers alike benefit from digital receipts – with no extra effort required. To retailers, the e-receipt is one thing above all – a relief. This alternative allows the conservation of both money and resources. So even small and medium-sized businesses will benefit.

Ongoing expenses will also see a reduction: printers need maintaining. A digital solution makes this superfluous. E-receipts also streamline the POS process. Checkout clerks don’t have to wait for a receipt to print, and customers can actively decide if they want a receipt or not.

But it’s sustainability that takes center stage. This eco-friendly alternative to printed paper lets retailers take a huge step forward. Branches produce less waste, protecting the environment. So, one thing’s for sure: the ITR checkout solution and e-receipts offer benefits for all involved.

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