Digital driver legitimation with biometric security solution

Quardlock card

A large number of companies in retail still rely on paper driver identification lists. This public presentation of personal data should be viewed critically in terms of data protection guidelines, both for clients and contractors. Digital driver legitimation can resolve this issue and shift the legitimation process exclusively to the point of interest. In addition to GDPR compliance, the corresponding solutions are also convincing due to a very high level of security.

New standards

The integration of intelligent software solutions (such as Quardlock) in driver legitimation can score points with further added value and synergies today. Smart employee badges set new standards here with a patented biometric security solution: Triggered by the fingerprint of the respective employee, the card generates a unique code – exclusively in the security element of the card and completely offline. This can only be generated by the employee registered on the card and expires immediately after a short time. Via NFC transmission of the code, the branch employee is immediately informed on their app whether a driver is authorised to collect money. This has several advantages, as Steven Schwarznau, Managing Director of ALVARA | Digital Solutions, explains: “The WDL employee’s driver ID and whether they are authorised to pick up no longer has to be checked manually using paper lists. This not only makes the process more secure, it also keeps a fully digital record and speeds it up noticeably.”

More security and efficiency

An employee ID card configured in this way can take on numerous other tasks to streamline processes. It also serves as a digital receipt when handing over safebags or as an access card to protected areas in the cash centre, to cash machines or safes. This also makes it possible to log on without a password to any system in the head offices of the retail companies − such as the ICC platform. Users, on the other hand, are optimally protected against attacks from outside or the swapping of access data between colleagues. The necessary biometric data of the fingerprint is stored in encrypted form exclusively in the security element of the card. This satisfies the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and eliminates the risk of theft of personal data according to the current state of the technology. Lost or stolen cards are therefore worthless to their new owner, as they cannot generate a valid access code with their fingerprint.


Digital driver legitimation with biometric security solution increases efficiency and security. The digitalised process − without paper driver legitimation lists, scanning the driver ID card and counter-scanning the QR code − saves a lot of time. Thanks to numerous other possible uses, digital driver legitimation also has the potential to optimise many other processes.