ALVARA I Digital Solutions Uses Pecunia for the Systematic Management of Cash and Valuables Handling

Pecunia Dashboard

Leipzig, 14.04.2021 ALVARA | Digital Solutions uses cash centre software Pecunia to offer the option of managing all cash and valuables handling tasks. Whether that’s transporting cash and valuables, cash processing, ATM services, material provision or direct cash supply: Pecunia has proven itself a reliable tool that has grown with the increasing demands on the cash and valuables in transit industry. That’s why cash in transit companies (CIT) and banks have been successfully relying on this solution for 25 years. A major benefit: the various modules and functions for the systematic management of counting, safe flows, service orders and transport as well as billing are customised to suit the customer’s processes. In combination with additional ALVARA | Digital Solutions solutions, countless synergy effects are generated for banks as well as CIT companies.

Pecunia offers comprehensive management and configuration options for the maintenance of customer data as well as fundamental data for cash processing, order entry and logistics. The reporting and analysis functions mean that the progress of an order or the evaluation of certain work processes can be realised.

Cash processing functions guarantee the effective logging and management of counting orders and inventory as well as the generation of federal bank pay-ins. “Pecunia facilitates easy, simple and secure cash processing through a double check principle, automated billing with the federal bank and electronic transfers with same-day value date,” explains ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Thomas Vietze.

All of a CIT company’s booking entries can be generated and managed in the booking system of a client or a bank within the framework of the main cash management (with the safe module). Depending on the access available to the bank’s cash system, a booking document can either be created for each process or the required transfers and debits can be provided as a file.

The order entry allows a fast, simple processing of all services within the CIT sector – such as federal bank orders for the supply or disposal of ATMs, branches or cash registers as well as maintenance work on ATMs, branches or cash registers as well as maintenance work on ATMs, material deliveries or intervention services. “Order entry is linked with tour planning. Orders are not just automatically assigned to tours. In combination with the MobiTour scanner app, order-based work is also possible. Through synchronisation with Pecunia, the app can assign the appropriate orders to the individual stops so that the drivers on site know exactly what needs to be done. The billing of the individual services can also be controlled in a targeted manner,” explains Thomas Vietze.

The tour planning sytsem combines necessary functions for the execution of orders after cash processing, such as planning tours, the acceptance and delivery of containers (including container control) at the customer’s site or the federal bank. Mobile applications for scanners provide communication between cash centre and drivers, ensuring more transparency within external container tracking.

Comprehensive reporting and analysis functions in Pecunia also allow for data evaluations of your own processes. These include specific work processes, turnover, counting processes and container flows.

“In combination with other ALVARA | Digital Solutions solutions, Pecunia generates even more added value for our customers,” explains ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Steven Schwarznau. “Thanks to the existing connection to ICC – including by way of logistics app, live tracking and digital driver legitimation can be implemented. In the near future, digital receipt and one-time code generation (OTC) should also be available.”

In future, the provider of track & trace software solutions intends to develop counting machine interfaces on a unified IoT platform for plug-and-play use. Counting machines can be connected without previous installation.

What’s more, ALVARA | Digital Solutions is already planning further development: “Pecunia is currently linked to the online platform webAmis, used by customers of CIT companies to submit orders. We are planning a migration to ICC as a cloud-based solution as well as a CashEDI interface via the ICC platform and the connection of Universal smart safe monitoring software,” explains Thomas Vietze.

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