Specialists for cash logistics – CMH Group with new brand name “ALVARA | Digital Solutions”

ALVARA | Digital SolutionsLeipzig, June 9, 2020 – CMH, the internationally active group of companies specializing in track & trace software solutions for the cash cycle and logistics, is now operating under the brand name “ALVARA | Digital Solutions”. The forward-looking concepts of ALVARA | Digital Solutions and the development of modern software solutions help customers worldwide to increase the quality, security and transparency of their cash processes. In addition to process optimization, the focus is also on cost reduction with the support of innovative technologies (including AI, IoT, Blockchain). The variety of ALVARA | Digital Solutions modules for numerous industries, such as retail companies, value-added service providers and financial institutions, enables flexible and customized standard solutions that are hardware vendor-independent and allow hardware and software to be interlinked.

“Thanks to our extensive service portfolio, we can offer our customers an ‘all-round carefree package’,” says Bernd Hohlfeld, Managing Director of the group. “In this way we strengthen our customers’ backs for the realization of their business objectives. In addition, we want to use this brand to strengthen the right of cash to exist in Europe and to promote the internationalisation of our business”.

Particularly in the current pandemic crisis, cash has proven to be a stable means of payment, so that experts are convinced that cash will continue to be used. For this reason, ensuring efficient cash logistics processes will remain a core task for all cash players.

“With the help of our solutions, the logistics chains of all companies involved in the cash cycle are made transparent via Track & Trace and the associated manual processes are automated. Ultimately, all cash handlers will benefit from the added value that this brings. We therefore want to accompany our customers away from operational to incident management so that they only have to react when necessary and no longer have to actively monitor their processes all the time. This leaves them more time for their actual daily business,” explains Hohlfeld. “In the cash cycle, almost all industry players have many new expectations and demands on their logistics and the associated workflows. This makes it all the more important for us as a Group to respond to new developments promptly. By combining our expertise and resources, we at ALVARA | Digital Solutions can strengthen our market leadership throughout Europe and make our customers fit for the future”.

With the new brand name ALVARA I Digital Solutions, CMH underlines its competencies in the areas of digitalization, growth, new technologies as well as process-optimizing and innovative (software) solutions that create efficiency and transparency – not only in the cash sector, but perspectively also in other critical and sensitive logistics processes. The Group will continue to expand under the new brand name in order to be able to offer its customers value-added total solutions and new technologies in the future.

In addition to announcing the new brand name, ALVARA | Digital Solutions is now also launching its new corporate website:

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