Increasing sales with digital signage

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Humans are less attentive than goldfish. This is a study result that does not really do justice to either vertebrates or us, and which is ultimately also in doubt (The tale of 8 seconds). But there is a grain of truth in the thesis. After all, the daily flood of information challenges us. We quickly decide whether we want to pause and give the content more time. It’s the same at the point of sale. A challenge for retailers that they can no longer meet successfully with posters and flyers alone.

Attracting attention – and keeping it

Retailers should be guided by a rule of thumb: Moving images are more captivating. This means that they increase attention and are remembered for longer. Digital signage has been a prime example of this at the point of sale for several years now. Digital signage in indoor or outdoor areas stands for modern and flexible communication that can include videos, but above all impresses with changing content that creates variety.

Retailers can thus provide their products with the space they need on a daily basis. At the same time, they gain more flexibility as changes and additions are easily possible. However, these systems can do much more: in addition to displaying content, they can also be used as touch displays, for example. This promotes interactivity with customers, encourages greater engagement with the content and leads to greater customer loyalty.

Bright sales prospects

Other digital signage benefits such as uniqueness, cost efficiency, ease of use or a targeted customer approach are generally well known to retailers today. Last year, a study focussing on 250 retailers in the UK also showed that the use of digital signage has a positive effect on increasing sales. Over 90 per cent of retailers were able to achieve this after investing in the solution.

However, there is still some catching up to do when it comes to implementation. A third of those surveyed had not yet had any contact with the solution in their own shop. A survey conducted a few years ago by the Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung (GIM) on behalf of the global marketing-at-retail association POPAI revealed that, in addition to the issue of “financing”, a lack of a communication concept was perceived as the main barrier.

Concept needed!

A legitimate concern: without suitable, creatively prepared and captivating content, the full potential of digital signage cannot be realised. Setting goals is therefore the top priority. After that, retailers only need to find suitable hardware and software and can use the systems to convince their customers of products or motivate them to interact more with offers.

When selecting a solution, managers should keep a close eye on the aspect of “usability”. Working with digital signage systems should be intuitive for employees. Our Cloud Coffeeboard, for example, can be conveniently controlled from the central office. This also makes it possible to react to current circumstances.

Image advertising, discount campaigns, price boards – with digital signage, offers can be presented in a modern and effective way. We will be happy to advise you – without obligation, of course!