Pecunia 7: New generation of cash centre software

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The time has come! Over the past few months, we have been working hard to further develop our Pecunia cash centre software, which has now been tried and tested on the market for 30 years. The result: our new cloud-based software generation Pecunia 7.

Generation change – with a customer focus

But let’s start at the beginning. How did we actually come up with the idea of rethinking an established and proven solution from scratch? Well, software and its functions grow over the course of its life cycle. New features are needed and old ones remain. It was the same with Pecunia. We wanted to reduce the complexity that had grown over time – in particular to further improve user-friendliness. A new design was also on our to-do list.

But along the way, we didn’t want to lose sight of future customer needs. It’s a good thing that our colleagues have regular on-site appointments in their diaries. At these meetings, our team focuses on new requirements, needs and processes together with our customers. This results in findings that we were able to incorporate into our Pecunia 7 design and development.

Pecunia 7: What to expect

The most important new feature of Pecunia 7 is its provision as a cloud solution. Pecunia was originally launched as on-premises software for cash centres, which was installed on our customers’ system environment.

We are therefore doing justice to the increasing importance of cloud applications for companies and the cloud-first approach. After all, nine out of ten companies already use cloud solutions (Bitkom, 2023). According to the Bitkom study ‘Cloud Monitor 2022’, organisations primarily rely on the private cloud. However, a trend reversal towards hyperscaler solutions could emerge in the future. As many as 28 per cent of the companies surveyed in the study are already considering a public cloud. For us, it goes without saying that the architecture of our solutions follows the digital strategies of our customers.

So back to Pecunia 7: we offer two models for this. Our cloud solution can either be operated by the customer themselves or they can choose ALVARA as the operator. In both cases, the solution, including the database, is always located in a data centre. In the latter case, however, we as the operator can guarantee optimum support and are available more quickly in support cases.

The cloud-based solution also offers an advantage in terms of data flow. Where previously data had to be exchanged between different local applications and local cash centre locations, everything now runs via a central database. This not only makes replication a thing of the past, but also the associated potential loss of performance.

Pecunia 7 also boasts new features and benefits:

  • – The core application is accessed via the browser and is operating system-independent
  • – Availability for several currencies and in several languages, including German, English and French.
  • – Mobile first! An example: In future, there will be an app for employees in the lock for container handovers at the lock between cashiers and the cash centre. A PC is no longer required in the narrow interlock area.
  • – Pecunia 7 is multi-client capable. This reduces hosting costs.
  • – Pecunia 7 supports the processes of one-man logistics.
  • – KPI and optimisation: evaluation of key figures and automatic analysis of cash centre performance.
  • – Our Fakturio solution for fully automated digital invoicing can continue to be used seamlessly.

All of these advantages combined illustrate the relevance of Pecunia 7 as a cloud-based software solution for cash centres.

We will be happy to keep you informed about further innovations.

Are you already curious and does software for your cash centre sound tempting? We would be happy to go into detail with you!