Discussed: Opportunities for trade

KW20 Blogbeitrag

Leave your work routine behind and join the conversation with retail representatives. Our 17th BargeldDialog Handel took place on 25.04.2024 and we once again had the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in cash management. This time, we spoke with our customers and interested parties about the Bundesbank’s difference reports, the digital euro and cashback at the point of sale, among other things. Our presentations on the perennial topic of artificial intelligence also met with an open ear and led to intensive discussions.

Focus set!

For the first time in the history of our BargeldDialog Handel, it did not take place in Leipzig. This year, the corporate headquarters of dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co KG – the dm-dialogicum – was the venue for the exchange on new opportunities for retailers. We were once again able to welcome players from a wide range of areas – such as payment services, treasury and cash management.

After a short introduction we started with the technical aspects and the discussion, which was appreciated by the participants. It quickly became clear where the interests of retailers were focused this year: The steady development towards cashback and the associated advantages and hurdles, as well as the opportunities that (may) arise in the future around artificial intelligence.

AI possibilities unleashed

Keep up with the trend: This can be stated as the overarching goal of our BargeldDialog. Joint dialog helps us get there. The focus is therefore always on current topics, challenges and solutions relating to cash management.

It is hardly surprising that artificial intelligence became one of the main topics of discussion – and at the same time our highlight of the BargeldDialog. Our presentation on coin roll recognition using trained AI laid the foundation for an extensive and exciting exchange. After we presented the prototype of the safe inventory via photo in our ICC app (Interactive Cash Control), the joyful philosophizing about possible applications quickly began among the participants.

Cashback: advantages and disadvantages at a glance

The second thematic focus shows that the event is not intended as self-promotion for our software solutions. We took an in-depth look at the supermarket checkout, which is increasingly functioning as a cash counter, and thus at the buzzword “cashback”. Rewe supermarkets introduced this service a good ten years ago. Today, or in 2022, when the EHI Retail Institute’s payment study was published, almost 90 percent of the grocery stores and drugstores on the EHI panel already offered cash payments.

As part of our cash dialog, the focus was primarily on the associated fees and the required supply of banknotes. Many retailers pay for their increased role in cash supply with fees on the amounts paid out. These have to be paid to the banking industry and are associated with increased costs in terms of cash supply. However, the solutions discussed give us a positive outlook for the future.

The Manager Cockpit

On 24.04.2024, we invited our customers to take a look at the latest releases. What was so beneficial about this was that they were able to get to know new features at the user meeting and benefit from them in practice. The Manager Cockpit in particular is an exciting innovation that we are developing directly in collaboration with our customers. The cockpit is intended to bundle all important key figures and centralize and simplify the control of necessary cash management measures. In addition, various requests and requirements have given us new motivation to further develop our ICC solution, for example. Thank you for that!


Two eventful days lie behind us, from which we were able to draw confirmation: The familiar circle and the opportunity to discuss topics at manager level always meet with approval. We also received feedback in 2024 that our BargeldDialog offers a welcome change of pace to focus on day-to-day business with new ideas. In addition to modern solutions, another aspect helps to overcome challenges: networking with like-minded people and a common path towards the future.

Are you curious about how we can meet new challenges together? Then let’s get talking!