Value transportation between tradition and modernity – an example of best practice

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The IWS Group can look back on over 100 years of company history. Starting out as a security and locking company in Aschaffenburg at the beginning of the 20th century, the organization has steadily expanded its range of services. Today, this also includes cash and valuables services offered by IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH. Those responsible rely on a tried and tested recipe for continued success: a mixture of traditional values and modern everyday helpers.

Focus on change

A partner for whom safety comes first. This is something IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH can emphatically claim. Its many years of experience in working with savings banks, cooperative banks and private banks have certainly contributed significantly to this. But not only that: the organization does not rest on its laurels and proven practices. Standing still must be avoided at all costs. In view of the rapid developments in recent times, this is a sensible undertaking – especially for cash-in-transit companies.

In recent years, it is not only the wishes and needs of customers and employees that have changed. The demands on the service itself are increasing in complexity and societal trends such as the call for more sustainability – both privately and professionally – also need to be constantly taken into account. IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH has long been aware that these issues can be managed more easily with digital support.

Cash handling – systematically automated

More efficient workflows, associated cost savings and transparent processes: Goals that cash-in-transit companies often still dream of today. They cling too closely to the familiar manual processes and continue to rely on paper documentation – whether for customer receipts or monthly invoicing. IWS abandoned this scenario several years ago and implemented the cash center software from ALVARA | Digital Solutions.

Last year, the next step was imminent: IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH introduced the new Pecunia Cash Center software from ALVARA. This opened up further automation potential. Today, the long-established company maps all WTU processes digitally and automatically, thus achieving even more security and transparency in its day-to-day work. But this is just the beginning of the list of benefits:

  • – IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH benefits above all from the numerous functions relating to efficient route planning, secure container logistics and transparent mobile ticketing.
  • – Pecunia is intuitive. This ensures that employees can use it quickly.
  • – The cash center software can be expanded on a modular basis. The focus is always on digitalization and automation.

The tried-and-tested benefits, such as the precise control of access rights or participation in the CashEDI process via Pecunia, remain unchanged.

More than one solution

IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH has taken advantage of the modular structure and enhanced the Pecunia solution with individual add-ons. Fakturio as a solution for automated invoicing reduces the manual workload and is less prone to errors. This allows the value-added services company to maintain an overview of the services it provides and guarantees fast invoicing.

Intervention services are also an important part of the organization. Especially when a faulty ATM is reported, all those responsible want to be able to react quickly. This is why the company also uses Pecunia intervention management. The MobiTick logistics app from ALVARA specializes in the rapid processing of service and intervention orders. The head office can use it to assign new orders in the form of tickets to drivers on the route. At the same time, they are given a tool with which they can log causes and implemented measures on the spot. As all functions are linked to each other, automated invoicing via Fakturio can also be started in this process.


Das Bargeldhandling hat oftmals einen verstaubten Touch. Doch die IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH zeigt, dass es auch anders geht. „Mit dem Umstieg auf Pecunia und somit unserem nächsten Schritt in Richtung Automatisierung gewinnen wir weiter an Effizienz, Transparenz und letztlich Sicherheit. Alle drei Punkte verhelfen uns, eine qualitative Dienstleistung anbieten zu können – gespickt mit traditionellen Werten und modernem Zeitgeist”, so Alexander Gresser, Geschäftsführer der IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH.  Cash handling often has a dusty touch. But IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH shows that there is another way. “By switching to Pecunia and taking our next step towards automation, we are gaining further efficiency, transparency and ultimately security. All three points help us to offer a high-quality service – peppered with traditional values and modern zeitgeist,” says Alexander Gresser, Managing Director of IWS Industrie-Werkschutz GmbH.

Would you like to digitize and automate your WTU processes? We would be happy to take the path together with you!