New year, new possibilities!


Resolutions are always a tricky thing. Once the first few days of the new year have passed, they are usually thrown overboard. We understand this all too well, given the difficulty of sticking to long-term resolutions such as eating healthier and exercising regularly. In our experience, we are a little more determined when it comes to our professional resolutions and strive to achieve our goals throughout the year. Our ALVARA team has therefore set itself a number of product innovations, project completions and exciting trade fair visits. Let’s see what else 2024 has in store for us.

ICC and AI – a major theme for 2024

Artificial intelligence has become an important part of our agenda. At ALVARA, we are also planning new functions with AI support for our Interactive Cash Control platform, or ICC for short. For example, AI forecasting for change orders is on our priority list. Automatically determining optimal order quantities and, if necessary, triggering orders via ICC with the cash-in-transit company will bring several benefits to users in the new year, including efficiency and sustainability. In addition, the AI vault inventory is intended to optimise the coin stock in the retail trade via photo as a basis for all downstream processes for accounting, auditing, insurance and planning of cash withdrawal and supply via ICC.

But it also works without AI, as the third ICC innovation shows. Our KPI dashboard has been redesigned. This makes the graphical overview of relevant key figures even more impressive and gives bank and retail managers a quick overview of the operational status of current cash processes.

Pecunia and webPecunia: Our look into the crystal ball

Since last year our cash centre software Pecunia has a counterpart in the cloud. With webPecunia, we have also been offering our proven cash centre software as a cloud service since the summer. Thanks to the universal machine driver, which can work with raw data from the counting machines, and the advanced web app technology, the machines can be connected and counted in the browser. We also aim to improve performance by providing a central database for all cash centres of a cash-in-transit company. The look and feel will also be addressed in 2024 – stay tuned!

Smart forecasting – 2024 brings even more transparency

ATMs, smart safes and cash recyclers all have one thing in common: they need to be emptied and/or refilled, usually at irregular intervals. The challenge for cash-in-transit companies is to analyse this data, make predictions, adjust logistics accordingly or make them more flexible, and provide the associated services in accordance with contractual obligations. This year, together with ADS France, we are planning a remedy. With Smart Forecasting, all vending machines can be evaluated centrally and stops can be optimised on the basis of this data. The software collects and analyses information in real time, such as upper and lower limits for recyclers or minimum amounts for ATMs. With the planned visualisation, we are also thinking about user-friendliness.

ALVARA at trade shows

At the end of January we are expecting the first of our trade conferences. We are not only participants. Together with GS1 Germany and the EHI Retail Institute, we have been inviting to CashCon for a number of years. This time, the event will take place in Cologne from 23 to 24 January 2024. The doors are open to specialists and managers from banking, retail, cash-in-transit and industry. Once again in 2024, you can look forward to a comprehensive programme on the subject of cash. We are particularly interested in new ideas for making cash logistics more efficient, transparent and secure.

We are also planning to participate in the following trade fairs:

Planning is already well on course for our ALVARA CashDialogue, where we invite retailers to meet and exchange ideas. This year, we will be meeting with customers and interested parties on 25 April 2024 in Karlsruhe – at the dm-dialogicum (Am dm-Platz 1). We will be happy to inform you as soon as the programme is finalised!


To help us achieve our goals, we are once again looking for new team members. In particular, we are looking for new colleagues for our service and support teams who would like to take on a professional challenge in Leipzig or Hamburg. You can find all the details of our vacancies here.

But 2024 is not just about work. Having fun together and doing something outside of working hours is once again very popular. We’ll be kicking off this winter. The plan is to put on our gloves, grab a woolly hat and set off for an icy game – curling. As soon as the temperatures show that it’s summer again, we’ll swap our working day for the ALVARA Rafting Cup, just like last year. Two dates we have already marked in our calendars with great anticipation.

We hope that 2024 will also be full of exciting and fun moments for you!

Looking for more efficiency, transparency or security for your cash processes in 2024? Let us show you your options!