Kitchen Monitor: an organisational miracle for the catering industry


There is hardly a company today that can afford to ignore digitalisation – nor should it. The benefits in terms of increased efficiency, transparency and reduced staff workload are too compelling. But digital solutions have no place in kitchens, bars and cafes. Or maybe they do? Because the current practice of printed order receipts is neither sustainable nor productive. Kitchen monitors bring the necessary spice to catering establishments.

Swap kitchen receipts for kitchen monitors

Whether in restaurants, cafés, canteens or snack bars, many businesses still rely on paper order receipts. Once they have been printed out by staff and found their way to the kitchen, they have to be sorted by hand, the same dishes have to be added together and the completed orders have to be put in the bin. All of this takes up time that is already difficult to find in the stressful day-to-day running of the kitchen. On top of that, the strict hygiene regulations in the catering industry make it even more challenging.

The alternative is immediately appealing: the conventional route is saved. Instead, orders appear in real time on the kitchen monitor, a tried and tested solution. The process is self-explanatory. As soon as service or sales staff book a receipt with items, dishes, drinks, etc., staff in the kitchen or bar area, for example, automatically see the order on a touchscreen. All they have to do is accept and process the receipt.

Waiting times are a thing of the past. Communication becomes clearer. Ordering by shouting often leads to misunderstandings and encourages a harsh tone in the kitchen. Displaying the ordered dishes on a screen brings more calm. It also reduces the need for enquiries between kitchen, gastrobar and service, leaving more time on both sides for the real work: preparing food and drinks and providing satisfactory customer service.

A powerful duo for the catering industry

The benefits are obvious. Paper receipts are no longer needed, catering businesses contribute to sustainability and at the same time save on paper costs. That’s one aspect. The other is the improved digital processes that go hand in hand with the kitchen monitor, especially the automated processes. The technical component also enables more comprehensive monitoring. Orders for the kitchen or bar that have not been processed for a long time can trigger an alarm and ultimately prevent guests from having to wait too long.

To open the digital doors for restaurateurs, we at ALVARA | Digital Solutions and our subsidiary, it relations GmbH, have integrated the kitchen monitor as an extension to our ITR POS system. This means that businesses not only benefit from optimised processes between service, kitchen and bar, but also from software that thinks ahead. Central data management and cash register synchronisation, e-receipts, table functions, menu design at the cash register, advertising on customer displays or the integration of numerous payment systems are just some of the benefits.

Revolutionising catering made easy

Digitalisation and work in  kitchens and bars go hand in hand after all! With the Kitchen Monitor, hardware and software bring an efficient workflow to the daily work of kitchen, bar and service staff. We know that not all catering businesses are the same. That’s why, in addition to safety, efficiency and transparency, our software solutions focus on one thing above all else: individual design freedom.

Got very specific requirements for your kitchen monitor? Let’s get started together!