Tresorspiegel: Efficiency gain through booking automation with Pecunia feature

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Digital processes have also become indispensable in cash and valuables handling. Among other things, they help to meet customer demands and to stay ahead of the competition. The Pecunia cash centre software is a digital tool that makes these and other tasks easier for cash-in-transit companies and banks. ALVARA | Digital Solutions is continuously expanding the various additional functions. Automated bookings, accountable inventory management and simplified communication are all part of the “Tresorspiegel” feature.

Pecunia: Software for the modern cash centre

Whether cash and valuables transport companies or financial institutions – they all face a variety of challenges. Increasing regulatory requirements, secure cash transactions, efficient processes and complete transparency for all parties involved are just some of them. Digitalisation has proven to be a valuable obstacle to overcome. This is because digital processes promise greater efficiency, security and transparency in particular.

The Pecunia cash centre software from ALVARA | Digital Solutions has been convincing numerous financial institutions and cash-in-transit companies of the benefits of digital and therefore optimised processes in cash and valuables handling for over 25 years. The modular structure allows various customer requirements to be realised and task areas to be optimally mapped and controlled. Functions such as the control of counts, federal bank deposits and supply orders, route planning and container logistics or mobile ticketing give the solution additional added value. Another addition that represents a real gain is the “Tresorspiegel”.

A look into the “Tresorspiegel”

Pool Management has been a proven component of Pecunia for a long time. This allows all cash in and out to be monitored. The “Tresorspiegel” complements the overall solution, automating bookings and facilitating communication between banks and cash-in-transit providers. On the one hand, it supports cash-in-transit companies that manage a pool of assets for a bank. On the other hand, banks that operate their own cash centre and manage their assets there rely on the “Tresorspiegel”.

The advantage is in the process: when the stock pool is supplied, the bank’s customers are owed money in the form of direct debits. In return, when deposits are made, the bank has to credit the amount to its customers. These bookings are made via the bank’s main cash account in OSPlus – previously manually. This is where the “Tresorspiegel” comes in, transforming manual bookings into automated ones. It can be used to generate SEPA files in Pecunia, which the software then transfers to OSPlus via data transfer.

The “Tresorspiegel” owes its name to another of its strengths. At the end of the day, cash-in-transit companies or banks can perform a cash check themselves to verify that the physical stocks displayed in the Pecunia vault overview match those in the main cash account. This means that the balances in Pecunia reflect those in the main cash account.

Automation brings efficiency and security!

This process opens up various advantages for cash handlers:

  • Inventories can be managed transparently and traceably.
  • Manual bookings are no longer necessary.
  • This saves a considerable amount of time.
  • The source of error “typing errors” can be eliminated.
  • Automation when sending the SEPA file increases efficiency.
  • Transmission jobs can still be carried out manually – if desired.


The “Tresorspiegel” therefore makes an important contribution to meeting the current challenges faced by cash-in-transit companies and banks. However, the integration as a function in Pecunia means that these benefits are just the beginning. The proven cash centre software also ensures efficiency, security and transparency on many other levels. Curious?

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