ALVARA | Digital Solutions, HDS GmbH and Coin Counting & Services GmbH plan new ways for more efficiency and sustainability in coin handling


Leipzig, 30.10.2023. With the Pecunia Cash Center Software, ALVARA | Digital Solutions has been offering a proven solution for cash-in-transit companies and banks for over 25 years. The modular structure of the tool for cash management means that customers can optimally control all areas of cash and valuables handling – individually tailored to their processes and needs. HDS GmbH has now also been able to convince itself of the associated advantages in terms of secure coin and value transports, simple coin processing or more efficient coin machine services.

The company, which once specialised in the intralogistics of large production facilities, has also been active as a service provider in vending for some time. HDS GmbH initially began with the mere installation of vending machines. Today, it offers a comprehensive range of vending services – from installation to troubleshooting and maintenance to filling and emptying. “We regulate the supply chain management together with Coin Counting & Services GmbH with the most modern software solutions. The cash centre of Coin Counting & Services GmbH is not only logistically excellently set up by HDS GmbH from the outset, but also shines with Pecunia as a software solution through a high degree of automation of the individual processes, which above all brings more efficiency,” says Ayhan Yirtik, Managing Director of HDS GmbH.

The process in the modern cash centre of Coin Counting & Services GmbH is quickly described: The coins, which the company processes for, among others, one of Germany’s largest operators of coin depositors in the checkout area of supermarkets, which converts loose coinage into tokens, are counted, valued and then rolled by two NGZ machines. Afterwards, the deposit is made at the Bundesbank. “Especially this last step can still catch up in terms of sustainability. In order to no longer seal a large number of coins in plastic and deposit them in large standard container units at the Bundesbank, we are currently looking for a new solution – and may have already found it in the ALVARA MünzMarktplatz,” explains Friedhelm Körner, Managing Director Coin Counting & Services GmbH.

The ALVARA MünzMarktplatz creates a coin circulation system between all cash stakeholders that is independent of the Bundesbank. For Coin Counting & Services GmbH, this would eliminate the need to deposit coins at the Bundesbank. The service partner for the vending industry then uses the change trading platform to send the rolled coins directly by DHL to the commercial recipients as needed. “The large number of coin rolls produced enables us to ensure a coin supply to the trade that is independent of the classic cash-in-transit and bank counters. Especially because banks are increasingly restricting this service or in some cases no longer offering it at all, we are looking into offering this service on the ALVARA MünzMarktplatz. At the same time, we could protect the environment,” Friedhelm Körner reports.

ALVARA | Digital Solutions for its part also sees an advantage for the MünzMarktplatz in the possible cooperation: “Due to the expertise in logistics provided by HDS GmbH and the proximity to the vending industry with the naturally considerably high coin quantities, Coin Counting & Services GmbH is an ideal partner for us that could further optimise the offer on the ALVARA MünzMarktplatz,” reports Robert Wolf, Managing Director of ALVARA | Digital Solutions. “Already today, providers and demanders benefit from a cost-effective and highly flexible coin circulation system. In this context, the more cash players use our trading platform to offer and order change, the better.”

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