Digital Signage: Goodbye, advertising posters. Hello, customizable monitor advertising!

Behind the coffee bar in dark tone interior.

Forward planning, time-consuming preparatory work, commissioning, shipping and ultimately placement each time anew: Print posters cost time, money and require strong nerves. After all, if a mistake should ever creep in on the classic advertising medium, there is hardly any chance of readjustment. So it’s hardly surprising that for some time now, a more advanced alternative has been contesting its right to the title of more efficient advertising measure than print formats in the retail sector: digital signage solutions. This opens up completely new possibilities for retailers.

Digital signage: know and use alternatives

Whether by means of posters, displays in front of the store door or flyers in the store window – retailers hope that advertising their offers and products will create the “I want to have it” moment with their customers. And rightly so. As customer stoppers, they often proved their worth. But newer technologies are knocking them off their sole throne and slowly further consolidating their position. Digital signage is one of them.

There is little difference in the areas of application and objectives. It is much easier to speak of a digitalization of classic advertising media. Special displays are placed where paper once sought attention. The content then simply appears digitally on them – without format selection, print data check and a look at delivery times. But with numerous design options.

More than just advertising

To label them merely as advertising tools would fall short. Digital signage systems display everything that is currently useful to the retailer. In addition to advertising, general information on products or profiles of suppliers can be displayed. But entertaining content or news tickers are also conceivable – whatever the customer’s heart desires. This mixture of advertising and valuable content creates the first added value. Whether entertaining, interesting or promotional content – there are no limits to the imagination.

The same applies to flexibility and actuality. If offers change, there is no need to reach for the new price sticker with digital signage. Retailers can play out current promotions, daily specials or after-work discounts with time-controlled advertising and simply adjust minor changes in the image text digitally at the office workstation or via smartphone. Images have not yet been finalized, but the offer is about to be advertised? That is no longer an obstacle. Thanks to the innovative marketing method, additions can be made easily afterwards.

Three components for a successful changeover

Before retailers start digitally entertaining their clientele, they need to lay three foundation stones. First, they need hardware. They need to procure screens, media players, network components or even mounts. The software is the second necessary component and forms the heart of the operation. Our tip: Start small. Once an increase in sales is noticeable, the system can be easily expanded. Because digital signage software is characterized by scalability.

With the ALVARA Coffeeboard, for example, retailers receive a complete solution consisting of hardware and software – competently advised and supported by one of our strong partners. This ensures an optimal combination of displays, media player and the software configuration so that customers and operators alike experience professional media playback.

In addition to the classic on-site solution, customers are increasingly turning to ALVARA’s Cloud Coffeeboard, which retailers can configure and control directly via the web browser. The intuitive use offers a high degree of flexibility and individual display on the digital advertising board.

Once hardware and software have been selected, the third and final stroke follows: content creation and management. Here, the marketing wisdom applies: Content is king! Accordingly, lively content is important. Switch between offers, news, jokes, switch back to discounts and retailer information to the comic of the day or quotes. The closer retailers are to their customers’ interests, the more likely digital signage is to become an effective communication tool – and build trust. In-depth content on products, suppliers, or animal husbandry methods for meat products is particularly popular with customers.


Building successful customer loyalty is more difficult than ever for chain stores today. New strategies must be innovative, attractively showcase offers as well as products, and at the same time keep the effort for employees to a minimum. Digital signage fulfills all these conditions and can become a real customer magnet through central control of advertising processes, flexibility and variety in the sales area.

Attention, flexibility and speed – with our coffeeboard you get these advantages in your business. We will be happy to find the right solution for you!