Flexible tour processing, secure incident management and ad-hoc synchronization: ALVARA | Digital Solutions merges logistics apps MobiTour and MobiTick

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Leipzig, 10.07.2023. Increasing competition, changing customer requirements as well as time and cost pressure have been weighing on the shoulders of value service providers for quite some time. To meet these challenges and remain competitive, secure, transparent and efficient logistics are essential. It is no secret that digitalization can make a significant contribution to fulfilling process optimization. For several years now, ALVARA | Digital Solutions has been relying on two apps that, on the one hand, increase responsiveness in the event of defective ATMs (MobiTick) and, on the other hand, establish a direct connection to the cash center by means of mobile scanner software, thus enabling tour processing at any time and from anywhere (MobiTour). Since both topics are equally relevant for cash-in-transit companies, the provider of track & trace software solutions has now combined both apps – with maximum added value for users.

The new logistics app combines the best of both worlds: As an established logistics app, MobiTour stands for fast and secure data exchange between the cash center and the tours. The options to always process the tour planning on an order basis, to reload incoming orders and to track transported values allow flexible working at any time. This means that MobiTour can be used to efficiently plan and control trips according to demand. Thanks to the mobile solution, even short-term logistics orders can be managed at any time and quickly transmitted to the tour. “The advantages are obvious: thanks to the flexibility, extra trips are no longer necessary. Automation saves time and capacity in tour planning. And the regular synchronization ensures complete transparency during the tour,” says Robert Wolf, Managing Director of ALVARA | Digital Solutions.

The logistics app is rounded off with MobiTick functions. Because forwarding ad hoc service and intervention orders to a tour that is already on the road is easily possible. This allows intervention services to be carried out, for example at defective ATMs, without losing valuable time. However, the rapid rectification of the problem is not the only advantage of the app: Causes and measures in the case of intervention services can be easily logged on site. This ultimately creates more transparency and enables automated billing via Fakturio.

“Practice has shown us that both topics are equally essential for our customers. That’s why it was clear: There is a benefit for them if they are provided with all the functions in one application and they can use them in a user-friendly way – without having to jump back and forth between two apps,” says Robert Wolf, explaining the decision to merge them into one logistics app. “But that’s not all: the synergy between MobiTour and Pecunia also remains in the new application. This means that when working with their customers, value service providers can impress with digital receipts, digital driver legitimation and one-time code generation.”

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