Scale and POS system perfectly integrated: ITR POS solution is certified for Mettler Ariva

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Bakeries, butchers, fruit and vegetable retailers, unpacked food stores and many other retailers weigh their goods during the sales process. To ensure that the values can be immediately incorporated into the payment process, a certified interface is needed between the scales and the POS system. ALVARA I Digital Solutions has now created another connection to the world’s largest scale manufacturer with its ITR POS solution. Retailers throughout Germany now benefit on many levels from the integration of the Mettler Ariva: The sales process is shortened and the number of input errors is reduced to zero.

Stand-alone is no longer up to date

Reliable scales are an indispensable tool for the sale of many goods – especially in the food sector, of course. Strict requirements apply here. Among other things, the device must be calibrated, display the weight and, of course, the resulting price transparently to the customer. If retailers use stand-alone solutions, they need a separate display – something that has long been superfluous in times of integrated checkout systems, as is currently being demonstrated. With ITR POS solutions, there is no longer any need for a separate display.

Certified integration of the Mettler Ariva

Thanks to the certified integration of the Mettler Ariva, the scale is directly connected to the POS system using ITR POS solutions and displays the legally required information – i.e. weight and price – directly on the customer display at the checkout. In this way, the entire sales process is simplified for retailers. And: they save the investment in additional displays. Store employees also save time and avoid human input errors, seeing weight and price information directly on the checkout display.

Customers also benefit from the digitization of the weighing process: they can stay at the checkout in complete comfort and transparently track what the weighed product will cost. The certification enables retailers to use their Mettler Ariva scales in compliance with the law – in a digitalized context. They can also design the display in their own corporate design.

Scale and checkout system belong together

Competitive pressure, falling margins, high inflation rates: Retailers are currently facing major challenges. They have to take great care not to miss the boat on the digital transformation. The interaction of scales and POS systems is an important step that not only improves the payment process, but also makes for a more pleasant customer experience. Thanks to the certified interface of ITR POS solutions to Mettler Ariva, retailers can benefit from these advantages in no time at all.


Your scale and your POS system don’t talk to each other yet? Then we should urgently get to know each other.