ALVARA CashDialog: New ideas for the Retail Industry


On May 4 and 5, ALVARA once again organized the spring CashDialog for Retailers. With representatives from retail companies, we focused on the topic of cash and related challenges in Leipzig. The result of the productive dialogues: current insights, many great suggestions and inspiring digital ideas for the future.

ALVARA CashDialog Spring 2023

A location with a far-reaching view – over Leipzig. The City Hochhaus was the perfect meeting place for our dialog platform, which focused on the future of cash logistics. As every year, the door was open to ALVARA customers as well as any other interested parties. We had prepared an exciting agenda for the two days. Always with the aim of promoting discussions and thus creating new incentives for the digitalization and automation of processes. Therefore, the topics of the second day were mainly part of workshops and discussion rounds.

Day 1 | 05/04/2023

  • – News and updates from the market
  • – Review and outlook on releases
  • – AI in demand-driven approaches
  • – Evening event: pleasant ending in the vodkaria


Day 2 | 05.05.2023

  • – Manager Cockpit
  • – ICC as a communication platform to the CIT
  • – KPIs for data quality
  • – AI in risk assessment
  • – Interfaces internal company data analysis


Data gold – one of the main topics

The participants from the retail sector were quickly aware of what is currently the main concern: data. Data is often available, but it is not always used optimally. As a result, the treasure trove of data remains undiscovered. The automated collection, enrichment and evaluation of existing data is therefore highly relevant. The solution developed: The ICC Management Cockpit. It visualizes all relevant data in a single graphical interface.

However, communication with the Cash-in-transit companies (CIT) also became part of the agenda. The idea of the participants: Via Interactive Cash Control (ICC), workflows from the retailers’ back office are increasingly automated and manual processes are reduced to a few special topics. This creates space to address the current challenges for retail, logistics and the connection of both through change management and supply. These aspects are particularly essential for us to be able to develop solutions along the “real” problems. According to the motto: From practice for practice.

On the trail of solutions

However, the aim of the CashDialog is not just to raise challenges. The focus is always on the necessary solutions. So we took the initial ideas and drilled deeper. For the Manager Cockpit, for example, we have already been able to collect suggestions about what information the application should display.

Other suggestions for the future of retailers were:

  • – the recording and evaluation of the safe inventory via photo recording,
  • – the further development of app functionalities,
  • – pushing AI research for further automation, and
  • – optimizing reporting (ongoing process).


At ALVARA, we are already working at high speed on the latter two points.

Outlook for the fall

A lively exchange, valuable insights, hidden potentials and current innovation power – the CashDialog Retail in May 2023 was again a highlight for us. Because of the promising ideas and the opportunity for unrestricted networking, the exchange is again firmly scheduled for the fall. You can look forward to first drafts for the Manager Cockpit and much more. As soon as the program and date are fixed, we will be happy to contact you.

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