webPecunia – the cloud solution for efficient cash processing

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Inefficient cash processing and supply, immense cost pressure, and regulatory requirements – banks and savings banks, as well as cash-in-transit companies, have been struggling with these challenges for some time. Software solutions such as our Pecunia cash center software provide relief. For years, cash handlers have been using this tool to efficiently handle all cash handling tasks. The further development to webPecunia continues this success story. This is because the software-as-a-service solution skilfully counteracts the ever more complex cash management in economic terms.  

Modern cash center – with Pecunia

For over 25 years, our Pecunia software solution has been a reliable component of a modern cash center for banks and savings banks as well as cash-in-transit companies.   The application impresses with its transparency, security and efficient processes. Thanks to its modular structure, it helps to ensure that the specific requirements of the individual players can be implemented in a customized manner. For example, Pecunia supports the implementation of the regulatory requirements of MaRisk, KRITIS, BAIT and OPTDV. Further benefits include the reduction of personnel expenses through automated cash processes and cost-efficient cash processing and supply. 

webPecunia – the next step

Together with our customers and partners, we are constantly working to further develop our solutions – making them even more transparent and tailored to the needs of the market. This has resulted in webPecunia. The basic idea behind it: the cash center software should also be available via the web browser. Instead of installing and managing the application in its own IT infrastructure, Pecunia is designed here as a cloud solution. 

Banks, savings banks and cash-in-transit companies can thus noticeably reduce their IT infrastructure costs and the associated administration effort. Instead of a one-time investment, the focus is on billing via calculable usage fees. There are virtually no limits to flexibility. Thanks to customer-oriented application packages, comprehensive process protocols and seamless traceability, webPecunia achieves maximum transparency.

In conjunction with ALVARA Interactive Cash Control, or ICC for short, our platform for digital customer relations, and the associated ICC app, further benefits are created. For example, digital receipts are environmentally friendly alternatives to their paper predecessors and the legitimization of cash messengers can also be digitized.

All webPecunia functions at a glance:

  • – Cash processing with connected counting machine and video monitoring.
  • – Cash counting directly in the browser 
  • – Order management 
  • – Customer portal
  • – Vault management
  • – Tour management 
  • – Mobile tour app for online scanner
  • – Connection to national banks
  • – Dashboard, reports and statistics 


WebPecunia at ESTA 2023…

… but not at a trade show booth. Because with our cloud application webPecunia, we are location-independent at all times. Our solution can be used via any mobile device with a web browser. Maybe we’ll see you in Malta from 21 to 23 May 2023 – we’d love to! 

Do you want to take your money processing to the next level with webPecunia? Then feel free to contact us!