Central reporting at the POS: Data leads to success

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It is no secret that relying purely on instinct in business is hardly effective. Reporting, on the other hand, helps retailers make important decisions based on data. Aspects such as store sales, access to company data in real time, and various comparisons are essential. It is only when all the information is available that retailers can gain a complete overview and more easily identify new options for their business. Point of sale software solutions enable retailers to conduct these data analyses – in one click.

Not without my reporting

Acting instead of reacting – and that in no time. For retailers, this has always been a necessity. If they fail to respond to changing customer needs, identify ineffective stocking practices or keep market intelligence updated, in the worst case they lose sales. In addition, costs can rise if inefficient warehouse organization leads to food waste. However, current solutions that merely collect and store information are not sufficient to counteract this. A further step must follow: data analysis.

The advance of digitalization can help collect and store data and make decisions based on it. According to the joint study on Reporting 4.0 by Warth & Klein Grant Thornton and Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, nearly all the companies surveyed have recognized this need. In practice, however, they still frequently rely on the time-consuming maintenance of Excel tables. Centralized reporting can simplify retail management and provide a reliable base for action.

Central reporting

At ALVARA | Digital Solutions, we have long been helping our customers to go further and use information profitably. For this purpose, we offer various software for cash register systems. Among others are the ITR cash register and the CentralPoint.

ITR POS solution

The ITR POS solution offers many helpful features such as checkout synchronization and precise product allocations. Above all, however, it stands out for its central data maintenance and management. This not only facilitates accounting. The ITR POS software solution also makes it easier for retailers to evaluate the information collected.

The ITR POS Sales App goes even further. It makes it possible to evaluate sales in real time. The mobile application allows managers to access data almost in real time – across different stores. Weekly comparisons as well as the listing of top and flop items ensure the necessary overview at all times. The definition of daily targets in the ITR POS Sales App makes it easier to actually pursue the goals defined.


Central Point is our main tool for managing all items and evaluating the various processes in retail. As a product of the ITR POS solution, it ultimately represents the backend to the POS system, with more than one cash register. For this purpose, the cash register transfers all sales and transactions to CentralPoint promptly and automatically.

Receipts and sold item positions can be viewed and evaluated centrally and conveniently via a browser. The ABC statistics enable further evaluation of the products and development of the sales figures. The extension for pivot tables offers flexibility and at the same time export options to Excel to support further analyses. In addition, the tool convinces with the possibility to establish interfaces to third-party systems such as DATEV. The connection to ITR POS Cloud Services also allows the integration of cloud-based connections.

The result: you get a detailed view of all sales. This means that nothing stands in the way of comprehensive reporting including store sales, statistics and best and worst sellers. Production control is possible with the CentralPoint as well.

Using added value

We have thought even further ahead when it comes to software solutions for centralized reporting. They bring you more benefits than optimized data evaluation. Automated cash processes, for example, bring efficient workflows to your company. The high security standards of our solutions ensure maximum protection in your daily business.

In addition, we coordinate the design as well as the entire process management with our customers. This results in an individual and user-friendly interface. And there is always room to work together on new, innovative approaches to your POS.

Whether you are a bakery, butcher shop, restaurant, retailer or direct producer – with us you will find the optimal solution for your reporting with the help of the POS.

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