Sustainability on the horizon: How software makes cash logistics eco-friendly

Global environmental sustainability background green technology

Greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, resource consumption, and the destruction of ecosystems – the impact of our actions on nature is huge. This also applies to the cash cycle. The production and disposal of receipt paper, the energy consumed in the processing of coins and banknotes, and the transport routes all lead to negative consequences. Becoming aware of these consequences is the first step for companies. The following logical conclusion is to integrate sustainable practices into organizations. Software solutions help here on the way to more sustainability.

The significance of sustainability

Regardless of whether they are politicians, consumers, customers or their own employees – nowadays, companies have to meet the demands of a wide range of stakeholders. In this context, current issues in our society that will determine the future of many organizations are sustainability and a sense of responsibility. The main question is: Where do companies stand when it comes to environmental protection, and how do they intend to position themselves in the future? The focus usually turns to long-standing processes. Changing them is often a challenge, but also essential.

Nowadays, companies have to meet all three dimensions of sustainability at the same time: the economical, the ecological and the social. The last two are increasingly coming into focus due to the growing overall social responsibility of companies. As a result, one thing is quickly clear: Today, sustainable processes are a must have for companies.

Win-win situation: sustainability and modernity

According to Deloitte’s “CxO Sustainability Survey 2023,” organizations see an urgency to consider and address the issue of sustainability. However, from the service provider’s perspective, practical implementation is taking a slow start. Above all, there is a lack of holistic strategies. At the same time, new technologies already offer many approaches to consolidate environmental awareness within the company and to move actively in the right direction. They also open up the opportunity to modernize antiquated processes.

Cash logistics has long been in need to catch up. For example, it is still challenging for some cash-in-transit companies to organize transport in a structured way. In particular, the necessary safety during transportation must always be guaranteed. Added to this are environmentally damaging processes involving the use of fossil resources when transporting cash between banks or retailers. This requires solutions that optimize the cash cycle while also protecting the environment. Even in the near future, our society is not going to (or want to) do without banknotes and coins.

Smart cash logistics bring sustainability

When organizations use modern software solutions, this creates higher efficiency, transparency and security. They also lead to environmentally friendly and resource-saving operations. Take the example of cash-in-transit companies (CIT) and sustainability. Interfaces can be used profitably with application programming interfaces (APIs). A keyword for CITs in this and the environmental protection context: tour optimization.

Our Pecunia Cash Center Software takes the sustainability aspect into consideration. In addition to the systematic control of various processes, our solution enables the integration of tour optimization programs through our API. This creates the prerequisite for optimizing tours with different systems such as ORTEC, PTV, Soloplan or Plantour. Overall, efficient planning saves not only fuel, which contributes to the “environmental protection” account, but also personnel on the tour and for planning. Moreover, digital receipts and digital driver lists ensure that companies avoid paper. By that we are always thinking of nature in our daily work.

However, thanks to its modular structure, Pecunia offers much more. Master data management, reporting and mobile ticketing are just a few examples. The software can therefore be used to optimize a wide range of processes, which ultimately also saves limited resources in times of a shortage of qualified personnel. You can find all information about our cash center software here.

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