Cash-in-transit companies: competitive advantage thanks to application programming interfaces (APIs)

Blogbeitrag 13

Cost reduction, innovative services and more customer orientation – cash-in-transit companies (CIT) benefit from the implementation of application programming interfaces (APIs). With these, they can increase the value of their services and products, gain sustainability and, above all, a competitive advantage. APIs are therefore the next important step on the journey to the digitized company.

New requirements for cash-in-transit companies

If cash-in-transit companies want to remain competitive, they must respond with flexibility to new market requirements. This includes the expectation that CITs can automatically interact with internal applications – such as workforce scheduling or route optimization – and external systems, such as their customers order or ticket systems.

But how do cash-in-transit companies manage to move quickly and securely toward transformation with automated workflows and digital processes? In order to connect suitable partners or customers with their own services in the minimum amount of time and effort, compatible interfaces are needed: application programming interfaces (APIs).

What is meant by APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are software elements that enable other applications to connect to your own system. These interfaces allow data to be exchanged safely and efficiently with third parties. By integrating APIs, cash-in-transit companies can not only expand their offering: APIs are also an important component for the digitization and automation of processes overall. They offer cash-in-transit companies the opportunity to adapt more agilely and flexibly to constantly changing customer needs and to reinforce their competitive position.

Successfully operate APIs with ALVARA I Digital Solutions

As a hardware-independent solution provider, we enable our customers to integrate useful systems via API. With our cash management software Pecunia, for example, CIT and banks can exchange data with external systems such as DATEV or cash management applications thanks to APIs. Moreover, APIs here create optimal conditions for route optimization with various systems (e.g. Ortec, PTV, Plantour, Soloplan) and to handle CashEDI processes with the Bundesbank. Our Smart Monitoring platform from Safelogy also provides convincing modern interfaces to more than 40 different SmartSafes.


If cash-in-transit companies want to remain competitive in the long term, they should open up to new technical possibilities. This includes ensuring that the software they use offers application programming interfaces to external systems. This enables them to exchange data with internal and external (third-party) systems at minimal cost, thus adding value to their own services and increasing process efficiency.

Customer Service Agency (CTA): Bet on ALVARA I Digital Solutions now and ensure competitive advantages with APIs!