Cash Center Software and Automated Billing: Security Service USS Turns to ALVARA Solutions


Cash-in-transit companies are being faced with a variety of hurdles: constantly increasing amounts of coins, customers with ever more specific demands, and rising competition. Then there’s the immense cost pressure on stakeholders. But cash-in-transit and valuables-in-transit companies can face these challenges with modern – and, above all, future-proof – cash management. Reliable software solutions for cash management offer a good starting point. Security Service USS GmbH relies on a strong pairing: the Pecunia Cash Center and Fakturio.

Inefficiency and Cost Pressure – the Current State of Affairs

The siren song of new technology is getting ever louder. Cash-in-transit companies can no longer turn a blind eye to the benefits offered by digital solutions. On one hand, customers want modern processes. On the other, manual processes take time and use up valuable resources. Transformation means companies can stay abreast of changes, and uncover potential for more efficient, cost-saving processes. There are plenty of points of connection.

Although electronic documents have already made their way into everyday working life, many companies still rely on physical notes, files and records. So it’s not uncommon for cash-in-transit companies to be snowed under with mountains of paperwork. Manual processing also results in high costs and takes up excessive amounts of time. For example, monthly accounts must be settled almost completely manually. Then there are outdated systems or a lack of integration among various different solutions. Many cash-in-transit companies are pursuing one goal: they want to achieve a maximum level of automation for all cash-in-transit processes in order to tap into more flexibility and security.

Software: Security Service USS Is Modernizing Cash Management

This step towards minimal manual workload was taken at medium-sized security company Security Services USS years ago. The question at the beginning of their transformation: how can we make our own valuables logistics and money processing even more efficient? Integrating new systems into existing ones wasn’t a solution. Weighing up costs, benefits and possible risks made one thing clear: they needed external software, already tried and tested on the market.

USS found its solution in Pecunia Cash Center Software by ALVARA | Digital Solutions. Pecunia displays all processes to do with cash and valuables handling – digital and automated. So the software program is a reliable tool for cash processing and logistics. Work could begin directly after the integration thanks to intuitive operation that’s easy for employees to understand. Another benefit? The precise management of access rights. Cash-in-transit companies also benefit from features such as route planning and container logistics, master data management, CashEDI and mobile ticketing.

An Add-On with Added Value – Fakturio 

After their initial experiences, it quickly became clear that Security Services USS wanted to use digital solutions to tackle more hurdles too. The Mannheim-based firm, like many other cash-in-transit companies, had a thorn in its side – manual billing. Individual invoices for each and every customer and a variety of services on offer often culminates in a recipe for confusion as to which services have actually been rendered. To rise to this challenge, USS chose an add-on for the Pecunia Cash Center software program: Fakturio. Also produced by ALVARA, this automated billing solution offers considerable relief by creating an interface to order processing.

The master data already entered in Pecunia is automatically transferred to Fakturio. Billing-relevant information and customer-specific conditions are therefore always easy to view at a glance. For Security Service USS, DATEV exports and reporting for all services rendered and accounting entries were key factors in their decision to adopt Fakturio. Even today, this security firm is using this combination of both solutions to manage their billing for basic products and invoice types with considerably more efficiency.

Efficiency and Transparency: the Software Duo for Success 

Software solutions make it easier for cash-in-transit companies to transfer their previous work into the digital world. Combining suitable solutions is an especially good way to increase these benefits. The combination of Pecunia Cash Center software and Fakturio leads to holistic digitization of business processes. From ordering to services rendered to billing, all processes are covered – more efficiently, more transparently and more securely. In the eyes of Security Services USS, a clear argument for using this perfect software pairing.

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