ERP System and Checkout Software: How Direct Producers Are Mastering Digitization!


Growing pressure to compete, so much becoming available online and changing customer needs – direct producers now have to find ways to keep up with their competitors and meet their customers’ needs more than ever. The first step? When you integrate a holistic ERP system, you can automate and optimize office work, shipping, goods management, supplier communication and all sales channels. Software solutions for checkout products can also be integrated to increase profits.

ERP System – Cornerstone of Digitization

Whether it’s a cheese store, butcher’s shop or greengrocer’s – farming, food and digitization may not seem to work seamlessly together at first glance. But in reality, automated processes help direct producers focus on their core business: high-quality products and satisfied customers. Only when both aspects are in order can they really hold their own among rising competition from online retailers and large-scale discount sellers. However, a holistic plan for the company and its available resources – staff, capital and materials – is key. Software can offer support here too: an Enterprise Resource Planning system – or ERP system for short.

This software lets direct producers manage all business processes from suppliers to employees to end customers. The result? A clear overview of materials, working times, billing and capital. This means those responsible can optimally plan stock and resources, create efficient processes and, finally, increase turnover. Conversely, this means that businesses failing to integrate everyday digital helpers like ERP software are missing out on the benefits of modernization. Excessive manual workloads, media disruption, a lack of evaluation options and less-than-transparent inventory remain part of everyday working life.

Choose Tailor-Made Digital Functions

So, does an ERP system make sense for direct producers? The answer is a clear and resounding… definitely! Digital inventory management and the easy creation of online invoices saves not only time but also unnecessary paperwork and expense. Bakery delivery services, poultry farmers, local drinks suppliers and potato farmers may have different needs but it only takes one software program that can be individually tailored to these needs. That’s the model – consisting of basic functions and specific add-ons – behind the FrachtPilot ERP system.

“Manage delivery notes, invoices and documents in just one click: this mission formed the starting point of our business. And together with businesses from various industries, we’ve made this aim reality. The result? A digital Swiss army knife for optimized direct marketing,” says Dr. Sebastian Terlunen, CEO of FlexFleet Solutions GmbH. “Our customers can ease themselves into digital direct marketing with basic functions. For example, they get prepared data for the tax advisor, customer relationship management for optimized customer contact and a cockpit that analyzes and highlights cost drivers within the business.” It soon became clear to the founders that various industries require additional functions to make everyday working life easier. FrachtPilot offers a range of modules that can be added on, such as:

  • – Online shop
  • – Subscriptions
  • – Shipping
  • – Route planning
  • – Delivery app


A Checkout Software Program that Can Do It All!

“There’s one product that’s especially relevant for direct marketers: the checkout system. That’s where our ERP system comes in, offering a fast, simple and reliable alternative to its manual predecessors together with ALVARA | Digital Solutions,” summarizes Dr. Sebastian Terlunen. So, opaque and inefficient operating processes give way to central data entry and regular checkout synchronization. The combination of FrachtPilot and ITR checkout software results in synchronous data exchanges that create more time for businesses. And these solutions don’t rely on a constant online world: even without an internet connection, synchronization is still guaranteed. The ALVARA checkout system can be used online but also securely stores all data, such as accounting data, with no internet access.

The integrated checkout also puts the customer center stage. Direct marketers can now create invoices their way – for cash payments, transfers, credit cards, PayPal or debit – one click is all they need. Cloud integration via FrachtPilot means online sales and bricks-and-mortar sales can be consolidated. So, products and prices can be compared automatically in a few seconds flat.

One thing that’s important for direct producers: the option of integrated calibrated scales means products can be measured down to the gram. Self-checkout models are also suitable alternatives to classic checkout solutions at farm stores. To address the issue of sustainability, ALVARA uses digital e-receipts in its checkout solution. Businesses therefore prevent unnecessary paper receipt waste and save money to boot.

ITR checkout software and a real-time connection to FrachtPilot let direct marketers kill several birds with one stone. You can find the 100% tax-compliant solution here.

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