Welcome 2023: We Can’t Wait!


We’re getting back in touch with our best wishes for a successful and hopefully peaceful new year. We hope you were able to enjoy the holidays and find some peace before everyday life really gets going again. In the meantime, most of our staff here at ALVARA are back to business and working hard on the new year’s first projects.

What’s happening this year?

This year, the focus is on smart forecasting as well as the needs-based issuing of logistics contracts and routes with the help of our very own AI solution, developed and optimized in house. It lets us automate and optimize cash orders in retail. One result: fewer stops – meaning less consumption of fossil fuels.

Smart point of sale (POS) solutions also play a major role in 2023. AI-based digital product placement management allows the simple optimization of cross-selling and up-selling. This leads to less food waste and leftover stock while simultaneously increasing profits.

Another key area is the digitization of processes in cash in transit companies, both at the POS and in the bank. Whether it’s liability, verification or physical keys being transferred: with digital receipts, one-off QR verification codes and unique codes for the latest generation of locks, considerable time and money can be saved while increasing transparency and security for all involved.

Another opportunity to save costs as well as optimize cash flow is offered by faster billing thanks to automated receipts for cash in transit companies with Fakturio – another important focal point for the next 12 months.

Phase one of the WebPecunia rollout will provide cause for excitement at the end of the year too: this tried-and-tested cash center software is moving to the cloud – with plenty of benefits for its users.

Dates: Meet ALVARA in person in 2023

ALVARA’s calendar is crammed full of exciting dates this year too. You can always find the latest on our website and our blog so you never miss a thing. We can already confirm our attendance at the following events:

EuroCIS February 26 – March 2 2023 Düsseldorf

ALVARA CashDialog for Retail Partners May 11-12 2023 Leipzig

Info and registration:

ESTA Conference and Exhibition 2023 May 21-23 2023 Valletta, Malta

We look forward to seeing you (again) in person this year!

Want to begin the new year with ALVARA I Digital Solutions? We look forward to hearing from you!