Pecunia Cash Center Software: Letting Banks Optimize ATM Supply Processes

Bargeld und Münzen liegen auf einem Tisch.

Leipzig, 11.30.2022. Many banks have been using digital cash management solutions for several years now. Among other things, banks use Pecunia Cash Center Software from ALVARA | Digital Solutions to complete their coin disposal processes – benefitting from increased efficiency. The software facilitates the automatic counting of coin safe bags without media disruption, so employees no longer have to create accounting data manually. That’s not all: Pecunia has even more opportunities in store. For instance, the Cash Center Software can also be used to optimize ATM supply processes. It is these opportunities offered by this software solution that are of the utmost interest given the context of insourcing investigations currently being carried out at many banks.

When it comes to ATM supply processes, aspects such as order logging, commissioning, tour planning and booking are essential to banks. Not a problem with Pecunia: its modular structure and multitude of functions mean this software offers a wide spectrum of features. Implementation within the system is flexible and it is always possible to customize individual processes.

In practice, two benefits stand out when using Pecunia. Firstly, there are interfaces to external systems. Orders can therefore be easily imported from Cash Management Comfort (CCO). Secondly, the software automatically generates accounting files for supply orders. The data created can then be read in the financial accounting system OSPlus. So staff no longer have to create entries manually. Pecunia also offers benefits for contracted cash-in-transit companies, e.g. by providing tour plans.

Banks can quickly begin reaping the rewards offered by this software solution. Advice and support from ALVARA | Digital Solutions mean that the application can be integrated within the shortest timeframe. For banks, this means more efficient, simpler and more secure processes in no time at all.

Simply reimagining supply processes is nowhere near this software’s full potential. Pecunia’s comprehensive functions allow even more processes to be digitized and optimized. These include ATM disposal processes as well as digital documentation for all transfers of liability.

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