Resilient cash processes in retail: ALVARA ICC platform enables efficient multi-supplier strategy

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“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” This has been a mantra for retailers lately. Because the retail situation worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war and crisis. The situation has required some rethinking in many respects. Cash logistics is one topic that always calls for new solutions.

One thing is clear: If retailers lack coins and notes, day-to-day business is impossible today – especially in Germany. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the supply and transport of cash. The reasons include time-consuming, manual processes and a lack of resources. So optimized processes are needed now more than ever. In addition to efficient processes, the focus is increasingly on flexibility and adaptability. The solution is resilient cash management.

This includes, for example, a multi-supplier strategy. This means that instead of a single logistics service provider, retailers integrate multiple suppliers into the processes. This spreads the risks and at the same time increases security in the event of delivery difficulties on the part of individual suppliers and flexibility in the event of fluctuations in demand. In addition, dependencies can be avoided. In the event of staff shortages at a cash-in-transit service provider or a cash center failure, a company can use the right tool to distribute the service to other service providers at short notice.

“With the ALVARA Interactive Cash Control Platform, a multi-supplier strategy can be digitally mapped without any problems and used as a tool in special situations as part of Business Continuity Management (BCM). Retailers can use the software solution to easily exchange all the information they need about location, master or contract data – as a data hub, with a substitute cash-in-transit service provider,” explains Steven Schwarznau, Managing Director of ALVARA | DigitalSolutions. “Because they can switch quickly, retailers gain flexibility – with marginal additional effort.”

The advantages of the ALVARA ICC platform at a glance:
• It is quicker to switch to other cash-in-transit service providers – one click is all it takes.
• Risks such as cash center failures or staff shortages can be minimized by involving several cash-in-transit service providers.
• All cash-related processes are more secure, transparent and efficient.
• With the ICC app, stores also benefit from digital cash processes: Digital receipt and authentication, change orders and safe management can be mapped here.

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