Automated Cash Handling: GWS Sicherheitsservice Magdeburg Relies on ALVARA | Digital Solutions

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Leipzig, 19/10/2022: In the past, GWS Sicherheitsservice GmbH Magdeburg used its proprietary software to handle its cash processing and logistics. As part of the evolutionary further development of processes, new requirements from customers and the associated further development of the software solution, GWS was faced with a “make or buy” decision.

New procedures and sustainable solutions, such as dispensing with paper as far as possible through digital receipts, digital verification or the automation of the entire invoicing process, would have had to have been integrated into the existing software. Following a thorough analysis that covered an evaluation of costs, benefits, opportunities and risks, GWS decided to replace its own system with a market-proven standard: the Pecunia software from ALVARA | Digital Solutions. The goal: more flexibility, efficiency, security and a maximum degree of automation for the daily cash handling processes.

“The Pecunia solution supports us in the areas of cash and asset handling. Be it systematic control of counting, service orders or settlements: The software maps all processes digitally and automatically,” says Ronny Krakow, Managing Director of GWS Sicherheitsservice GmbH. “The ICC Connector as an interface to the Interactive Cash Control platform from ALVARA | Digital Solutions also allows Pecunia and ICC to exchange order and master data. The added value is clear to see. Because it completely eliminates the need for us to manually set up or collect data.”

The advantage that arises from the interaction of Pecunia and the ICC platform – the industry standard of the trade, through the ICC Connector is obvious: All cash-relevant processes are run digitally and are fully automated. This means that there are no more unpleasant interruptions in media. In addition, GWS uses the MobiTour app for its cash-in-transit drivers. This online scanner sends the cash supply and disposal data to the ICC platform. “By combining all solutions, our processes are more efficient, transparent and secure. Since we also rely on a paperless exchange of receipts, driver lists or tour data, we are already set up more sustainably today.”

In order to take maximum advantage of the new solution, GWS is now gradually converting all customers to the new system. Once the migration of customers is complete, the rollout of Fakturio, the solution for automated, digital invoicing from ALVARA | Digital Solutions, will be launched. With Pecunia and Fakturio, the security service relies on a closed system and uniform processes and avoids any loss of billing-relevant data. The Pecunia software again takes on a leading role here: It transmits the services rendered in terms of money handling and logistics to the Fakturio system, which then generates the invoices.

“Now and in the future, we benefit from Pecunia’s efficient, flexible and intelligent cash and value handling. And across all levels at that: maintaining master data, hard cash logistics, mobile ticketing or cash handling. But the best thing is that the cash center software is easy to use. This saves us time and precious resources,” summarizes Ronny Krakow.   

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