ICC: ALVARA | Digital Solutions Enables Automated Cash Management for Corporate Customers of Taunus Sparkasse

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Leipzig, 05/10/2022: With the ALVARA Interactive Cash Control platform (ICC), ALVARA | Digital Solutions offers a strong solution for financial service providers, cash-in-transit companies and retailers. Taunus Sparkasse also joins the ranks of customers who have already had good experience with sustainable cash management. It is thanks to this that time-consuming manual procedures are being replaced by digital processes. The result: higher security, transparency and efficiency for all branches of the bank. In order to smooth the path to digital cash management for its corporate customers, Taunus Sparkasse is now focusing on ICC for their work with them.

“Until now, cash logistics meant a lot of time-consuming work for all sides involved. In the past, our corporate customers would inform us of their requirements by fax or e-mail and we manually noted the orders one by one. In the next step, we involved the cash-in-transit company – manually again, of course. On top of that, the entire process was not very transparent. Whatever had just happened to the money or when exactly it was where was not immediately apparent to our corporate clients,” says Daniel Feist, Cash Management Specialist at Taunus Sparkasse, summing up the cooperation so far. “One solution has proven itself in our branches: ALVARA Interactive Cash Control. So it was only logical that our corporate clients should also benefit from the solution.”

The advantages for Taunus Sparkasse’s corporate customers are manifold: They can place orders conveniently from anywhere – simply via the website or, more recently, also via the ICC app. Delivery and collection then take place at the business address. In addition, the total monetary deposit can be recorded in ICC. What happens when the customer wants to know where their money is? With the track-and-trace function, this is no longer a problem.

The added value is also considerable for Taunus Sparkasse. First and foremost is the relief for the branches. The automated processes are faster and less error-prone – precisely because of the elimination of unnecessary interruptions in the media used. There is clarity regarding all customer orders. A central overview of customer orders adds to this. Above all, the ICC platform and app optimize the evaluation of the surrendered customer safebags. There is also a clear benefit for the cooperation with the cash-in-transit company. Because with the ICC app, legitimizing drivers digitally is easy.

For many business customers, cash disposal involves travel and time. A direct trip relieves the customer here. The switch to a paper- and PC-free back office is also progressing steadily in the retail sector. This is where the ALVARA ICC solution comes in: Whether it’s money orders, handing over money or reporting, it helps ensure that all players can continue to organize cash processes efficiently,” says Daniel Feist.

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