ALVARA | Digital Solutions Ensures Paperless Cash Processes: ICC App Now Also for Cash-in-Transit Companies


Leipzig, 23/02/2022. ALVARA | Digital Solutions is further paving the way for a paperless, computer-free back office for all cash processes in retail: in future, tried and tested solution ALVARA ICC (ALVARA Interactive Cash Control) will also be available to cash-in-transit businesses as an app.

Cash-in-transit companies will then be able to make their collaborations with their own customers even more efficient. “For cash-in-transit providers and their customers, the integration of the app brings more security, efficiency and transparency,” explains ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Steven Schwarznau. “Change can be quickly and simply ordered via the app. What’s more, cash disposal requests can also be made, standard-value safe bags requested, digital driver verification carried out and digital receipts provided – all via smartphone.”

To order cash via the app, the required notes and coins can be selected along with the chosen delivery date in just a few steps. A cash-in-transit company then receives the order digitally and delivers the money on the requested date. The process is similarly simple for money deposits. “Faster processes allow us to further support retail in setting up and managing cash processes and cash management even more efficiently and securely – without computers, just using the app,” explains Steven Schwarznau. Before scanning the container numbers, the cash-in-transit driver verifies their identity using a QR code on their handheld device, which is scanned and checked via the ICC app. The driver and retailer then confirm the container handover by signing the cash-in-transit scanner, then they both receive a digital receipt.

“This amounts to an enormous increase in efficiency for cash-in-transit businesses. The whole process from receiving the order to accepting the containers is portrayed digitally so is transparently documented for the cash-in-transit company as well as their customers,” says Steven Schwarznau as he explains the specific benefits of this update. By using the ICC app, daily interactions with customers are standardized and automatically carried out to a high level.

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