ALVARA | Digital Solutions Makes Technical Security System (TSS) Checks Reliable and Secure

TSS monitoring

Leipzig, 08/09/2021 ALVARA | Digital Solutions offers a solution for inspecting technical security system (TSS) to increase data and manipulation security at cash registers.

“Challenges for companies in the retail industry have considerably increased over recent years: whether it’s the new Cash Register Regulation (KassenSichV), the Cash Register Act (Kassengesetz), the principles of proper bookkeeping and storing accounts, records and documents electronically alongside data access (GoBD) and TSS,” summarizes ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Steven Schwarznau. “With our digital solutions, we create the necessary security and can reduce the strain on businesses in terms of time and staffing.”

This solution from the house of ALVARA | Digital Solutions sees data stored locally on the TSS storage medium as well as an encrypted backup copy in the cloud on request. The software is also completely offline so can be employed flexibly. An automatic email or SMS notification informs head office of any TSS disruption so that they can react in good time.

According to GoBD requirements, cash register systems must log each and every cash movement as of 01.01.2017. The data must be stored permanently, uncondensed and unchangeable, and retroactive changes prevented. Then there’s the cash register reporting obligations that stipulate each cash register system must be registered with the tax office within one month of purchase. This reporting obligation has, however, been suspended as the relevant electronic reporting technology has not yet been set up. We can probably expect electronic registration and deregistration of cash registers to be possible from 2023. (Reference:

Furthermore, last year saw the introduction of a receipt issuance regulation that requires retailers must provide a printed or digital receipt for each transaction. Companies using electronic cash registers are also obligated to use cash register systems certified by the Federal Office for Security in IT (BSI) to prevent manipulation. So, each cash register system must be equipped with TSS so that the data stored in the cash register system is protected from any retroactive manipulation. Anyone failing to uphold this obligation will face hefty fines. Responsible parties must retrofit older cash register systems with TSS if possible: otherwise, they are permitted to use their existing equipment until the end of 2022.

TSS is used (at the behest of the law) to sign and digitally log/store receipts so that all data, including records, is always available to the tax office at all times. “This can be problematic if the TSS fails without you noticing. After all, you are legally obliged to provide complete data in the case of a tax audit,” says Steven Schwarznau. Sales staff are informed when starting up the cash register that the TSS is defective or not reachable by way of a red frame around the receipt window. If they ignore the notification and click to confirm this, however, they can carry on using the cash register without logging the data. TSS checks by ALVARA | Digital Solutions close this loophole. The cash register overview in back office always shows whether TSS is active. If it fails, the tool automatically informs the responsible parties in the future. The cash register manager always provides a full overview of all relevant information, such as type, serial number and status.

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