“Cash is Cool”: ALVARA | Digital Solutions to Attend ESTA Conference

ESTA 2021

Leipzig, 01/09/2021 ALVARA | Digital Solutions is participating in this year’s ESTA conference. The event with the theme “Cash is cool“ will take place in Sevilla, Spain from 24 to 26 October. Important cash stakeholders from all over Europe will come together to share the latest industry developments. ALVARA | Digital Solutions will present its cash management solutions at ESTA, in particular for the cash-in-transit sector.

“We are delighted to again have the opportunity to appear in front of an international audience and finally meet clients and business partners in person again,” said ALVARA | Digital Solutions CCO Emmanuel Gaucher.

ESTA will see leading representatives from the cash industry, EU decision-makers, CIT’s employees, and other key stakeholders discuss challenges and trends relating to cash. The event will focus among others on the following topics:

    • – The impact of a possible decline in the usage of cash on privacy, (individual) freedoms, and the consequences of a cashless society (including for the consumer) in general.
    • – The use of loyalty programs, e-shopping, and the web to create consumer profiles: Individualized prices based on individual data profiles.
    • – Legislation and obstacles to accessing cash in Sweden and the United Kingdom


ESTA is standing up for cash. It has, for example, submitted a report to the European Retail Payments Board (ERPB) working group dealing with important issues relating to the “Acceptance of and access to cash”. Among other things, this covers concerns raised by banks and payment service providers about the transmission of COVID via cash.  Another aspect is the sharp decline in cash services in bank branches, making it hard for retailers to accept cash.[1]

In the exhibition space at ESTA, ALVARA | Digital Solutions will present industry specialists with automated solutions for maximum security during cash handling processes and the handover of money. Cash handling is optimized through real-time management of cash, new track & trace technologies, and digital process logging. The result: greater cost-efficiency and full traceability. “The automation of cash logistics processes and the optimized management of safes and ATMs guarantee our customers maximum efficiency in the transport of cash and valuables,” said Emmanuel Gaucher.

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