ALVARA | Digital Solutions: Logistic App Facilitates Efficient Cash Logistics Processes at Götz

ALVARA Logistic App

Leipzig, 14/07/2021. Götz Geld- und Wertedienste GmbH in Dresden has been successfully using the ALVARA | Digital Solutions Logistic App since 01/06/2021, setting a course for the future-oriented digitization of their cash logistics processes. The company is part of the Europe-wide Götz Group, and currently employs 75 employees at its Dresden site.

The ALVARA | Digital Solutions logistic app was rolled out as a pilot project on 01/04/2021 at Götz Geld- und Wertedienste GmbH’s Dresden site. As well as the app, new scanner technology was also introduced. After a short starting period, the pilot project was finalized in late May, and the mobile application was launched for regular operation on 01/06/2021. Daniel Reichelt, branch manager Dresden at Götz Geld- und Wertedienste: “The team really welcomed the app. The app itself and the scanners offer a high level of user-friendliness, so it took staff a pleasingly short time to get to grips with everything. So far, we can say that the app has been very successful,” summarized Reichelt.

The ALVARA | Digital Solutions Logistic App significantly optimizes and streamlines cash logistics processes. When picking up cash from a retailer, the driver accepts a safebag, scans it and then signs the receipt for the money transfer on the scanner. “Previously, two copies of the receipt had to be printed and signed, then kept by the retailer and the cash-in-transit company. Signing on the scanner and digital receipts mean there’s no longer any need to waste time printing and then storing physical receipts,” explains ALVARA | Digital Solutions managing director Steven Schwarznau.

Digital driver legitimation also lets cash-in-transit drivers identify themselves to retailers and chain store owners quickly and easily. If an employee at a retail store or a bank branch uses a smartphone to scan the QR code displayed on the Götz driver’s scanner, they will immediately receive confirmation of the driver’s authority to pick up cash. “This not only speeds up verification, but is also preferable to the paper lists previously carried by cash-in-transit drivers in terms of data protection,” explains Steven Schwarznau. Even keys are going digital. In future, Götz will also use the generation of one-time codes to open cash recyclers and/or ATMs on site via the driver’s app.

Cash-in-transit companies such as Götz Geld- und Wertedienste and their clients all benefit. They can now digitally document the cash process from pick-up to arrival at the cash center in real time.  Because the cash transfer data is automatically transferred to the Interactive Cash Control (ICC) online platform, where it is secured immediately − instead of having to wait for the Götz driver’s tour to end. Improved security in driver legitimation also means less work: no more time-consuming manual searches of driver lists. Digital receipts make the storage of printed receipts by both the retailer and cash-in-transit provider superfluous. This system also lets users digitally search for certain cash transfer receipts in the system, saving a considerable amount of time.

“Money transfers are significantly more secure overall with the ALVARA | Digital Solutions Logistic App. For retail and financial institutions alike, easier checks and better traceability mean that their cash-in-transit businesses are working with modern, secure processes – like Götz Geld- und Wertedienste,” says ALVARA | Digital Solutions managing director Thomas Vietze. And this mobile solution also scores high in terms of usability. “The full transition to the new scanner technology was very successful at our Dresden site. Employee reactions were consistently positive and the error rate was practically zero right from the start,” reports Daniel Reichelt. Now that the roll-out of the app and the new scanner technology has been successfully completed also in Chemnitz on 06/07/2021, Götz Geld- und Wertedienste’s Regensburg site will now be transitioned to the ALVARA | Digital Solutions mobile solution.

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