ALVARA | Digital Solutions Subsidiary it relations Impresses with ITR POS Checkout Software


Leipzig, 30/06/2021. Part of the ALVARA | Digital Solutions Group since this year, it relations GmbH is sure to impress as a provider of innovative and easy-to-use checkout systems. With ITR POS solution retail branches and chains optimize their checkout processes. And all ALVARA | Digital Solutions customers can now benefit from it.

Specialists it relations have been successfully developing software solutions for over 25 years, always staying true to their philosophy: “in IT projects, it’s not just the IT systems that need integrating – but the people too.” The popular, tried-and-tested ITR POS application is one of the company’s successful solutions, which is included in many well-known POS systems offered on the market by regional integration partners. Retailers, such as large bakery chains, gastronomy businesses and retail sellers, benefit from simple, efficient and secure checkout processes. Around 5,000 checkout desks all over Germany are already linked to ITR POS solution.

“Our customers appreciate our many years of experience, especially our special knowledge in the fields of TIBCO and SOA, as well as the ability to bring software projects of any size to successful completion,” explains it relations Managing Director Andreas Freyer.  “Our successful ITR POS solution impresses with countless helpful features such as checkout synchronization and discount functions as well as an easy-to-use user interface. We individually tailor the design and process management for each customer.”

ITR POS solution uses these functions to create added value for retailers and gastronomy:

    • – Central data management and checkout synchronization
    • – eBon electronic receipts (reduces paper costs, protects the environment)
    • – Customer card and discount functions (customizable, supports customer connection)
    • – Mobile service with Orderman connection (© NCR)
    • – Table functions for gastronomy
    • – Integration of countless payment systems (e.g. EC, Applepay, credit etc.)
    • – Menu design at the checkout and advertising on the customer display.

ALVARA | Digital Solutions customers always have personal design freedom thanks to hardware-independent software. If required, further systems can be flexibly connected and configured. “As an example, it’s possible to connect various payment machines, card machines or scales,” says ALVARA | Digital Solutions and it relations Managing Director Steven Schwarznau. The application also, of course, focuses on data security. “Separate database systems let us create a double layer of protection,” adds Steven Schwarznau. “Data can be securely stored in the cloud as well as locally.”

The checkout software’s operative processes are not internet-dependent and continue to run independently without any restrictions.

“Tasks such as evaluations and bookkeeping are significantly easier,” adds it relations Managing Director Andreas Freyer. “All processes run securely, transparently and efficiently with ITR POS solution. This is ensured by our detailed evaluations, which will uncover, prove and prevent any irregularities.”

The system is also GDPD/GOBD-compliant and fiscally secure: The ITR POS solution interface to the tax office is also Audicon-certified. This ensures the system meets the high security standards that retail branches have to uphold in daily business.

ALVARA | Digital Solutions customers can always rely on our solutions using the latest technology and development methods to stay futureproof,” promises ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Steven Schwarznau. “We also ensure interfaces to all renowned backend programs. What’s more, the ITR POS application isn’t limited to just one business field or industry, rather can be used for a range of purposes – from retail to gastronomy to the integration of self-service terminals.”

Like all solutions from ALVARA | Digital Solutions, ITR POS solution is constantly being developed further. In future, for example, electronic receipts will be sent via the app by email (including certifications).  Furthermore, the company group is developing further functions for mobile checkouts and self-checkout terminals.

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