ALVARA | Digital Solutions moves solutions for cash-in-transit firms into the cloud

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Leipzig, 26/05/2021 ALVARA | Digital Solutions has decided to successively move its successful solutions for cash-in-transit companies (CIT) into the cloud.

“There has seldom been this much pressure on all players in the cash sector,” explains ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Thomas Vietze. “Many framework parameters, such as increasing competition, the ongoing coronavirus crisis and technological transformation, require the further development of our solutions. This also includes cloud transformation.”

Many processes in the cash industry have already been digitized and automated through software solutions. “Digitization is not always digitization,” claims Steven Schwarznau, Managing Director of ALVARA | Digital Solutions. “While many solutions have already proven themselves as cloud solutions, many systems or solutions are still installed locally. There is potential for improvement here that we want to unlock together with users.”

The benefits of cloud solutions are winning over CIT companies and other cash market players at all levels. There’s no longer any need for on-site appointments for installation, maintenance or service. Furthermore, there is the option of reducing local IT costs (even for server/desktop licenses) through access to functions and data via an online platform or app, while ensuring maximum transparency for all those involved – as is evident from the following examples:

    • – One-time code generation at the POI: digitizing physical keys for the flexible, needs-based opening of smart safes, cash recyclers and ATMs
    • – Digital driver legitimation: a CIT employee’s driver’s license and pick-up authorization no longer have to be manually checked against paper lists. They are verified by app and cloud, then logged completely digitally.
    • – Digital receipts: allowing cash-in-transit drivers to work on paperless tours.

If, for example, certain service providers (e.g. CIT companies) or locations drop out last minute due to a crisis, the required data (location/master/contractual) can simply be provided to a replacement provider or location via the ICC online platform for the duration of the disruption. This means that jobs can be easily and flexibly switched to other sites and providers. Furthermore, mobile devices support data exchange with the cash center on the go. “This way, orders can be processed even more efficiently,” explains Thomas Vietze. “Thanks to logistics app solutions, jobs can be managed individually at any time, and loaded and processed during the tour. This can significantly reduce the number of special trips.

ALVARA | Digital Solutions drives the automation of cash processes with its portfolio. The company group has now moved its “CIT 360” all-in-one safe and logistics software program to the cloud along with its previous cloud and app solutions. “Such applications thankfully let our customers say goodbye to manual processes and Excel spreadsheets,” says a glad Thomas Vietze.

CIT 360 is an easy-to-use, reliable, web-based software solution that manages all CIT processes (contract management, counting, packing, storage in multiple currencies, route planning and tracking) in one place while allowing access to real-time data from any location.

CIT 360 generates real added value with these functions:

    • – Cash processing
    • – Tour planning & container logistics
    • – Central master data management
    • – Mobile app for tracking deliveries
    • – Digital receipts
    • – Data export & reporting

The application is sure to impress with its user-friendly, intuitive interface that allows seamless operation. The solution’s simplicity significantly reduces user error and allows fast training with short onboarding cycles.

ALVARA | Digital Solutions will also make the tried-and-tested Pecunia application available as a web application in future.

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