ALVARA | Digital Solutions: Smart Monitoring Platform Centralizes and Automates Cash Processes

Smart Monitoring Platform

Leipzig, 12/05/2021 For many companies, cash device management is a time-consuming and costly process. It’s not uncommon to manage several types of machines from various manufacturers across different locations. The Smart Monitoring Platform (formerly Universal Cloud) by ALVARA | Digital Solutions lets users link their cash management systems, such as smart-safes, cash recyclers, ATMs, kiosks and deposit safes regardless of make and model, and manage these from one single platform.

“Banks, cash-in-transit companies and retail will benefit from this central management as it saves a lot of time and makes the cash logistics process more secure,” explains Thomas Vietze, managing director of ALVARA I Digital Solutions. “The Smart Monitoring Platform can be flexibly used on a desktop or mobile via smartphone or tablet.” Over 6,000 safes and ten international manufacturers are already connected to the solution. The application is supported by various banks and CIT companies.

The platform facilitates cash management in real time: if offers a comprehensive, company-wide overview of all cash management systems in one single application. This way, countless time-consuming and costly processes can be automated and employee productivity increased. What’s more, this significantly reduces the risks associated with cash processing and management. The platform is tailored to the customer’s preferences. “All kinds of automated cash processing devices can be connected,” says ALVARA | Digital Solutions managing director Emmanuel Gaucher. “All data, such as transactions and inventory as well as the technical status of all devices, is transferrable and synchronized to the platform and the mobile application in real time.”

Further processes, such as reporting, POS data integration, daily credit processing with banks or the dynamic management of service providers, can be automated thanks to a simple user interface and predictive algorithms. Customer-specific requirements, such as adding a company logo and creating personalized reports, are possible at any time via the ALVARA | Digital Solutions team. Furthermore, countless functions can be integrated into the platform solution. Online reporting and automated disposition are just as possible as POS data integration and the identification of discrepancies at employee level. The platform also allows automatic communication with the back-end systems of business banks and can automatically and dynamically manage cash-in-transit processes based on an inventory prognosis.

The Smart Monitoring Platform complements existing solutions for branch processes with hardware-supported paying in/out processes. ALVARA | Digital Solutions is hereby delivering the answer to cash process automation with needs-based hardware and software. Customers benefit from digitized and completely transparent processes from the payment process through to clearing.

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