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Leipzig, 04/28/2021 ALVARA | Digital Solutions and INSYS locks provide automated and certified Cash Management as a service – from high-security locks to generating one-time codes. The latter are used by companies from the retail and banking sector to successfully optimize access to their valuable goods or recycling devices. This allows complex processes and waiting times for service providers to be avoided. The cooperation between the provider of Track & Trace software solutions and the manufacturer of certified security and lock systems has already benefited numerous customers.

Lock systems by INSYS locks are opened with the aid of one-time codes (OTC) – meaning physical keys are no longer needed and risks and costs are significantly reduced. After all, no keys can be lost any more. The one-time codes for opening the devices and collecting cash can be generated flexibly and provided as required in real time 24/7/365 using the “Interactive Cash Control (ICC)” platform, including full logging. With the logistics apps from ALVARA | Digital Solutions users can call up the one-time codes at any time and from anywhere. Provision, operation and monitoring of the one-time code hardware is carried out in certified data centers, which guarantee a high degree of availability thanks to redundancy and a 24/7/365 hotline.

“Companies in the banking and retail sector therefore no longer require key management and the often time-consuming handling of lists. External service providers such as cash-in-transit companies (CITs) can be involved in the process. The CIT driver only gets the opening code on his smartphone once he is in front of the Smart Safe, ATM or Cash Recycler and authorized”, explains ALVARA | Digital Solutions managing director, Thomas Vietze. “In addition, with OTC we reduce the risk that unauthorized persons can open locks with static – i.e. always identical and therefore insecure – number combinations.”

With the option for emergency opening, the owner of the cash can generate their own opening code at any time in case the CIT is not available at short notice. This means a reliable backup option is always available for customers’ high-security processes. Technician deployments are also made significantly easier using the one-time codes: “Analogous to emergency opening, a technician can receive access to fix a fault via a one-time code – and does not need a CIT driver to open the device. The nearest technician can act immediately, instead of requesting a CIT with the matching key. Not only does this allow more efficient use of resources, but it also noticeably increases the availability of machines and devices”, explains Thomas Vietze.

The generation of one-time codes also prevents the service technician or CIT driver coming into contact with branch staff when opening or servicing the Smart Safes and Cash Recyclers – particularly advantageous during times of pandemic. “We protect the person working on the machine, since we provide the code digitally and no-one else is required to open the Smart Safe or Cash Recycler”, adds ALVARA | Digital Solutions managing director Steven Schwarznau. “The solutions from INSYS locks simply convince us with their flexibility. Systems such as the EloStar® Master GS, for example, have five different operating mode setting options to meet all customer requirements.”

For just over 30 years INSYS locks has been developing and manufacturing high-quality systems which are geared to the special requirements of customers. “We highly appreciate our cooperation with ALVARA | Digital Solutions – as do our customers. Together we provide a complete Cash Management solution where all security-related factors are expertly integrated“, summarizes Detlef Lücke, Head of INSYS locks.

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