ALVARA I Digital Solutions launches “POS Connector” for efficient cash recycler management

POS Connector - for the efficient management of cash recyclers

Leipzig, 10.03.2021 ALVARA | Digital Solutions now offers the possibility to manage cash recyclers even more efficiently with the new “POS Connector”. Whether it is automating cash handling, reducing risk or giving cashiers more time to serve customers: Cash recyclers have long since become a must-have in retail. Integration into the POS software is necessary for the automatic start of the payment process at the cash recycler. However, this process is complex, time-consuming and expensive due to the large number of different POS systems. With the universal “POS Connector”, ALVARA | Digital Solutions has created a simple and quick-to-implement middleware. It can be installed locally on the Windows POS or Android Tablet and also allows flexibility and custom adjustments.

The integration of the “POS Connector” takes place smoothly in cooperation with the POS provider using a single API and independently of knowledge of the machine environment. “Users can manage all functions of the cash recycler via the user-friendly interface. Access to the various functions is provided directly via the main menu of the cash recycler, making it extremely simple”, explains ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Thomas Vietze. This applies to transactions such as (cash) payments, cash back and change as well as to the management of stock, replenishment, empties or coin blockages.

As the solution can manage most of the leading cash recyclers on the market, it enables fast and reliable communication between the POS software and the end device. The multi-platform is also compatible with Windows and Android POS software. “Immediate data export of transactions to the Universal platform is another advantage of the POS Connector”, adds ALVARA | Digital Solutions Managing Director Bernd Hohlfeld. Combined with a cloud-based reporting and automation platform, the cash recycler’s inventory, transactions and technical status are centralised on a secure web portal for reporting and third-party software integration with retailers, cash-in-transit providers and banks. “Since all ALVARA software applications are developed in-house, our solutions can be individually adapted and further developed”, explains Bernd Hohlfeld. That means ALVARA I Digital Solutions’ customers benefit from more flexibility and independence in the long term.

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