ALVARA I Digital Solutions Launches ‘CashPoint’ for Front-Office Recyclers

Cash Point Tablet

Leipzig, 21.01.2021. ALVARA I Digital Solutions is bringing a new paying-in machine version of tried-and-tested application ‘CashPoint Smart-safes’ to the market with ‘CashPoint Recycler’. The tailor-made user interface for smart deposit safes is now officially in use in more than 100 businesses after successful implementation over the last six months. The application stands out with its simplicity and usability, enabling location-independent reporting in combination with the Universal Monitoring Platform. It’s adapting perfectly to the demands for fast and flexible implementation in retail and wholesale.

Over 2,500 licences are already installed in more than 10 countries for various projects. So the ‘CashPoint Smart-safes’ application by ALVARA I Digital Solutions has proven its worth on smart safes in European retail. The group used this starting position and mutual industry know-how to develop the new, intuitive cash point user interface. It’s especially designed for front-office recyclers at staffed and self-checkout desks. ‘In line with our strategy, we will bundle our resources increasingly moving forwards. We are glad to be further expanding our product portfolio for all national and international clients with ‘CashPoint ’,’ said ALVARA I Digital Solutions Managing Director Thomas Vietze.

Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive interface, a front-office recycler with ‘CashPoint Recycler’ can be configured and provided to the user in just a few minutes. Users use a touchscreen display to dynamically manage basic functions such as payment, cashback, exchange, stocking and emptying as well as advanced functions (configuration, user management, reports etc.). ‘Direct access from the home menu ensures very simple usability. Adjustable profiles and users are key to simple management and secure employee access to the front-office recycler,’ explains Thomas Vietze.

‘Our ‘CashPoint Recycler’ application is perfect for the high demands for fast and flexible implementation in retail. Wholesalers can also make fast adaptations to benefit from their front-office recycler – without the complex integration of their own booking software,’ adds ALVARA I Digital Solutions Managing Director Bernd Hohlfeld.

In combination with the ALVARA I Digital Solutions universal monitoring platform, ‘CashPoint Recycler’ facilitates location-independent reporting.  All relevant data regarding technical status, inventory and transaction history are displayed on a secure and capable web-based dashboard. The application requires no integration into point of sale software. ‘CashPoint Recycler’ can therefore be purchased as a standard solution when combined with a front-office recycler.

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