ALVARA and Safelogy combine expertise and benefit from synergies

After a successful 2019, ALVARA and Safelogy are jointly starting new projects.  The focus continues to be on bundling the respective core competencies. The first milestones, such as the networking of ALVARA ICC and Safelogy Monitoring, have already been achieved. For example, customers can now benefit from monitoring their smart safes and deposit safes/recyclers in addition to the classic ALVARA functions.

The ALVARA | Digital Solutions Group has reached important milestones in 2019 to bundle the core competencies of ALVARA Cash Management Group AG and Safelogy SAS. With joint strength, the existing market lead is now to be expanded and new target groups are to be developed.

“We are pleased about a healthy growth of the group”, says Bernd Hohlfeld, managing director of the Group. “The networking of our solutions, finding a common language and a strong image create tangible synergies that strengthen our market position. This year we want to further expand the gained presence”.

In the meantime, ALVARA ICC and Safelogy Monitoring are already connected. Users can therefore use the ALVARA functions and additionally monitor their smart safes and deposit safes/recyclers. ALVARA is also currently testing the Safelogy Smart Safe app for the German market. Safelogy, on the other hand, is adding an ALVARA module for the optimization of cash orders and value-added services to its portfolio.

According to the ALVARA | Digital Solutions experts, the core topics for retailers and financial institutions this year again include cost reduction, logistics optimization and the implementation of sustainability.

“Intelligent, forward-looking and flexibly deployable solutions from SMEs that enable the intermeshing of hardware and software are more in demand than ever,” Hohlfeld notes. “This is why we will continue to develop innovative models within the ALVARA | Digital Solutions Group that help our customers move forward.”

The different levels of experience within the group can help here. For example, the extensive knowledge of the processes in retail companies and financial institutions enables the development of tailor-made and needs-based solutions. “Our expertise and our claim to develop highly secure applications are an essential foundation stone for the development of new markets,” summarises Bernd Hohlfeld.

In addition to cooperation on content, the group is also planning further joint events. For example, ALVARA and Safelogy will be present at the ESTA in Dublin from 15-17 November 2020.