ALVARA and the cash-in-transit sector focus on sustainability

The topic of “sustainability” has long since arrived in the cash-in-transit sector (CIT). But it is not only the idea of effective environmental protection that plays a role. Process optimization is also necessary, for example to improve the security situation and save costs.

Leipzig, October 23, 2019 – ALVARA Cash Management Group AG supports sustainable CIT services at various levels. The Leipzig-based cash specialist is once again fulfilling its social responsibility and continues to focus on solutions that do justice to the environment, employees, customers and suppliers.

“We take our role as one of the leading cash specialists very seriously and see in it the task of paying attention to sustainability – wherever it makes sense and is possible,” explains Bernd Hohlfeld, CEO of ALVARA. “Our solutions help, for example, to avoid special trips in the event of faults in self-service equipment. Thanks to flexible one-time codes, a technician in the vicinity can intervene immediately instead of additionally requesting a CIT company with a suitable key.”

The ALVARA Logistic App not only helps to protect the environment with its “one-time code generator”. The “Digital Driver Identity” function also supports this idea, for example by digitizing driver lists or receipts that were previously in paper form. The driver’s QR code scanned by the store employee is automatically compared with the data stored in ALVARA ICC. Paper-based legitimation lists are no longer required. At the same time, the transfer of money becomes even more secure.

ALVARA also relies on partners with strong solutions in the hardware sector who treat the environment and society responsibly. “The DEBATIN safebags made of recycled film, for example, are not only tamper-proof but also environmentally friendly,” explains Hohlfeld.

Thomas Rose, Managing Director of Anton Debatin GmbH, adds: “We are of the opinion that responsible handling of raw materials, materials and waste is always important. For this reason, recycling, reusability and the protection of resources have been top priorities at DEBATIN for many years. For example, our group-owned film recycling cycle “DERIBA CYCLE” ensures that our packaging does not end up in the environment, waste is reduced and resources are conserved. At the same time, we ensure the supply and quality of our recycled films from recyclable waste. (Product) packaging is therefore always much more than just a container and reveals a lot about the intentions and ideals of the manufacturer and the buyer”.*

Many cash-in-transit companies also improve the efficiency of transport processes both from a cost and environmental perspective, for example by optimising routes or investing in vehicles that meet strict emission standards and by training drivers in environmentally friendly driving techniques.

“Loomis orders the DEBATIN Safebags with the Blue Angel in terms of sustainability,” confirms Lucjan Hełminiak, Head of Operations & Business Development at Loomis Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. “We are also pushing ahead with the development of a reusable safebag. In addition, our drivers also work with the ALVARA Logistics App.

ALVARA is also working with a “green” data center: At the end of 2018, the cash specialist decided to cooperate with the data centre location in Taucha near Leipzig.

“In addition to high availability and reliability, one of the main requirements of the new data center was to have a completely independent provider for electricity and Internet connections on board,” says Hohlfeld. “Certifications according to standards such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 also underline our own quality standards towards our customers and partners. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and green IT, i.e. operation with green electricity and the latest technology for efficient air conditioning, rounds off the overall concept. We not only have the know-how, but also the capacities and state-of-the-art infrastructures for the optimum protection of sensitive customer data”.

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