Efficient logistics processes for financial institutions

Cash-in-Transit Ziemann

The demands for efficiency and adherence to schedules in the logistics sector also affects specialists who are primarily involved in the transport of money and valuables – such as ZIEMANN SICHERHEIT. Now banks can know where the consignment is at all times using a platform through which all the necessary information runs, such as collection by the driver up to final delivery at the destination.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for logistics companies to operate economically. Providers are under cost pressure and are looking for optimisation potential. That is why ZIEMANN SICHERHEIT has made its logistics processes even more efficient. ZIEMANN SICHERHEIT is a service provider with almost 3,000 employees. The company’s portfolio includes, among other things, the secure nationwide transport of cash and valuables, the secure operation of cash centres, installation, operation and service for self-service machines in the cash and non-cash area as well as courier transport and security services. The company’s clients include a major national bank. It commissioned ZIEMANN to transport and securely deliver in-house consignments nationwide within a maximum of 18 hours: for example, letters, documents, certificates, coins or specimen mintings, gold bars and technical equipment. At the beginning of the business relationship almost 20 years ago, the labels for such transports were still created and printed manually, and the incoming orders were recorded manually by email. Often, outdated offline scanners caused long handover times. The process not only involved many disruptions and was time-consuming, it was also prone to errors – especially with settlements, which are made per consignment.

Online platform as the hub

In order to digitalise and optimise the entire process chain, the “webAmis” online platform from IT Kompetenz was the obvious choice: Now all orders are recorded with it. A prototype for cash processing was already previously in operation, which was designed for transports. This meant that only pure consignment transports with unknown contents and routing for cross-location delivery had to be implemented. The procedure now follows a clear process – from registration of the consignment by the central bank via the platform – including printing out the corresponding label with barcode – to collection by a driver and final delivery at the destination. The tours usually start at 4 p.m., and delivery is by 9 a.m. the following day at the latest. Since every delivery is reported to the platform by scan, the bank always knows where the consignment is and when it will arrive. Both ZIEMANN and the bank save time and effort that way. And on-time delivery is guaranteed.

With order processing based on a user-friendly online platform, efficiency and adherence to schedules can be massively improved in the logistics sector. The fact that orders no longer have to be entered manually and the label is printed immediately when the order is received saves a lot of time. Consignments can be followed in real time along the way.


published in geldinstitute 1 | 2021
translated from German